Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 37

Went shopping early in the morning on Sunday, while everyone else was at church.
Gave in and got the asparagus. The stalks are tiny, and it'd probably be great raw. Wasn't paying attention to the price of the lemons. For that much it should have been organic. And, of course, the sauerkraut. Om nom nom. That's a 1lb jar, so it's within price per pound anyway.

Checked the frozen veggies while I was there, hoping to get some green peas to use in samosas and stuff, but at $1.49 or more a pound, frozen veggies are out for now.

Planning to hit the veggie store today, as well as pick up some more flour. The bag I got from Save-a-Lot is pretty much gone, and I'd rather replace it with something higher quality. There was something off with the texture and flavor of the smaller bag, but I don't know what it was- age maybe? I can portion it out into gallon freezer bags, so I don't have a big open bag of flour in the pantry, and so I can rotate it all through the freezer and kill off any stowaways.

Food was pretty boring. Leftover "curry" for breakfast.

Dinner was the mock pork leftover after I ran out of wonton skins, and some asparagus- oil, salt, cajun seasoning, broiler. It was gone before I even sat down. Won't be eating the "pork" on its own again. It soaks up flavor, but then I don't know where it goes. And the way the gluten is cooked... I must be doing something wrong, because it ended up with that half-cooked, gristly fat texture. It was kinda gross, actually.

I still have a whole onion left- I've never gone a month on just one bag before. I also have a bit of cabbage and a bunch of fruit. I need to work on the fruit, I just don't like to eat it. Cabbage will just have to go in everything until it's gone- it'll make the fridge stink if it starts to rot.


  1. Thought of you yesterday as we ate lunch. We had cheese stuffed ravioli w/ jarred red sauce and fresh broccoli and parmesan. Total cost for two was less than $.50. Got 6 bags of frozen pasta on special at local grocery for $1.00. Yes, you read that correctly. They were on sale for $1.00 per bag but if you bought 6 bags, you got an automatic $5.00 discount making 6 bags cost just $1.00. I use tons of coupons and watch for deals like this so w/ my couponed pasta sauce, couponed fresh shredded parm and fresh broccoli crowns (on sale for $.99 per lb), it was a great meal for pennies. We are not vegetarians, but I am totally enjoying your blog and hope to try your sweet potato gnocchi as soon as the sweet potatoes go on sale for Easter (they usually hit $.29 per lb here!)

  2. I have better luck buying frozen veggies at save-a-lot. They're usually about a buck a bag. The ones we use most are peas, corn, whole leaf spinach, okra, and a stir fry pepper mix.

  3. @Cyndee- wow, that is an amazing price for frozen pasta, and an outstanding lunch! Talk about selling at a loss, I don't think you could *make* pasta for that much.

    @Lsra- Why didn't I think of that? Luckily I saw this before I did (most of) the rest of my shopping yesterday.