Sunday, March 14, 2010

finishing off week 4

No photos today, I'm running behind and what i ate yesterday doesn't photograph well.

Breakfast was soda and some oatmeal. Pretty boring.

Lunch was pure lazyness- 1.5C black beans made into hummus/ refried beans, and eaten with a fork. Still looks like something that came out of the back end of a diseased monkey. Still tastes yum.

Dinner I'm actually about to eat now. At 7AM, so I'll hold off on that one and tell all about it tomorrow. I did get to use my bamboo steamer, though.

Oh, and I got a new wok. Too much time in classes with microscopes has put me off the idea of ever being able to get *all* the carcass and stuff it was hosting off/ out of the metal. Blech.

Anyone else out there have food quirks that probably seem super strange to outsiders? I can't be the only one....


  1. I love the flavor and taste of onions but can't stand the texture. So I don't eat onions in my food. In addition I have recently discovered that I love tangerines, tangelos and mandarin oranges or, as I like to fondly call them, tangarinelos...BUT I don't like the texture. So I suck all the juice out of them and then spit out the shriveled up leftover skins. Those are my food quirks...well, at least two of them. I have numerous ones!

  2. chicken nuggets and honey
    Tabasco n eggs
    mustard on everything

  3. @graceP- i do the same thing with citrus. Something about the strings in my teeth just doesn't work for me.

    @Lindsey- I know a couple people who dip chicken nuggets in honey. The okra, though, are you talking battered and deep fried, or just cooked? I think it's kinda slimy when it's just cooked.

  4. Hooray new wok!

    Food quirks-
    Pickled anything, including (but not limited to):
    Green Tomatoes (Spicy from farmer's market)
    (The typical) Capers and Cucumbers
    Any kind of peppers

  5. @Shanna- I've been known to eat pickled beets right out of the can. The vinegary bite is just so yummy!