Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 121- Almost No Food

Not in the pantry, that still overflow-eth. In my tummy yesterday.

I managed in the morning to make some spicy fried dough stuff (and by some, I mean a big plate full), but after that, there was no desire to cook *or* eat. I thought about some lazy channa masala-type stuff, but it didn't happen. Then I saw that Allie at Yum In Tum made Corn and Black Bean Salsa.

So, back in the days before student debt, credit cards, and having to actually pay for things myself, I used to eat something like that about twice a day. I'd eat it on chips or in tortillas, or even just off a spoon. i give the recipe to random strangers, along with the knowledge that everything in the recipe is optional, but that if they leave out the black beans they can't call it black bean salad anymore.

I was motivated, I was interested. I was without cooked black beans. And it was hot, and I was tired. And I fell asleep. Oops.

See... If you want to get kinda technical about it, this is my first "real" summer in about 7 years. 2004's summer was spent in Wyoming. So was 2005. 2006 I was southern hemisphere, but I didn't get there until about halfway through February, when it's slipping fast into autumn (they looked at me funny every single time I called the season between summer and winter "fall"). By the time NZ summer rolled around between 2006/2007, I was solidly used to their weather, and 75 was roasting. But that's really not summer. Then I moved back to Wyoming, where anything over about 80 has the whole town passed out under wet towels, in front of fans, begging for A/C.

So 95 with high humidity is a bit of a change. And my car doesn't have A/C (has heat though... maybe a bad choice?).

So I'm going to try and get the ol' crock pot fired up today and make some beans. then I'm going to work on getting a couple meals in the fridge. Meals from places it's hot a lot, so maybe they'll be appetizing to me when it's hot. Because really? This whole "it's too hot to eat" thing is killing me. srsly.


  1. don't know if this helps, but you could try making a pasta salad. You only have to heat the pasta, then run the cold water over it and store it. I make mine with Italian type dressing (ok- mostly oil and vinegar) pasta, cukes, corn, beans, peas, carrot shavings, etc. It holds pretty well and is yummy cold. At least, I think it is. I make it at night when it isn't screaming hot out.

  2. If you have access to tomatos you could always try gazpacho (cold tomato soup, sometimes refered to as salad soup) Really all you need is a knife, blender, and a fridge

  3. mrsdcrossman- that's a good idea. I've been craving a mayo-y macaroni salad, but it'd probably (maybe?) be just as good with just oil, vinegar, and veggies. I'll keep an eye out for cheap pasta shapes, I guess.

    Yim- love gazpacho, actually. Tomatoes are "affordable" now, but not enough to make it with store bought, and i don't have any growing- missed the first planting. I actually like to mix it with (cold) pasta and yeat it like cold pasta w/ sauce. Om nom.

  4. I've seen a watermelon gazpacho that looks good, too.