Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 123- Sleeping In and the New Cheating Rule in Action

I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a morning person. So my waking up at 5 or 6 in the morning for no other reason than to write up what I ate yesterday so it's up by my randomly chosen time of 7am is more than a little strange. Calling what I did to day sleeping in feels wrong, too.

I mean, I'm writing this at 7:30, not noon (oh, noon, I love you so...).

But wow, did it ever feel good to just hit snooze.

In actual food related news- i used my one cheat for the week yesterday. I was hungry and didn't feel like cooking (crazy, right?) and just wanted to veg for a while, so I picked up a bag of chips and nommed most of the way through them. I'll finish them off today.

It felt kinda weird being "allowed" to cheat. I was all for a bag of chips, then when I was actually on my way to the store to buy them I realized that this is my *only* junk food for the week. Wouldn't I rather have ice cream? Or Amy's frozen burrito? Or Cupcake the Size of my Head?

But no, I wanted chips.

Any maybe some week soon I can go to Moe's and get a burrito the size of my head (note the theme here?) and be stuffed on beans and tofu I didn't have to cook for two or three hours.

I didn't just have chips, btw- I finished off the black bean salad stuff yesterday morning. It actually gets better as the vinegar soaks into the beans and the flavors mix. It would have been even better today, but it's all gone.

Also, I have yet to find the "enough to repel biting insects and strange men" garlic ingestion threshold. Gnats are feasting on my hands and wrists, mosquitoes on my hips and arms (only bad thing about low rise jeans- new real estate exposed to mosquitoes). Ever try not scratching your hands? Yeah... not going so well.

Ok, have a good Thursday, and good luck with your challenges.

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  1. You and I - junk food soul mates. That stuff seriously cuts into my food budget.

    When I get a bug bite, I mix together some meat tenderizer (or seasoned salt, if I don't specifically have tenderizer) with some water to make a thick paste. Then I put it on the bite(s) and cover with a bandaid. It's usually all healed in a day or so.