Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 257- The Tofu Frying That Actually Worked

I'm feeling particularly lazy right now, food-wise. Luckily I have the tofu vat-o-hugeness to work through.

Also lucky, I know about a dozen different things to do with that tofu, at least half of which taste good. Yay!

So yesterday I made fried tofu. I'm about to go make more, actually, but yesterday's first.

I'm now out of paprika, too, so I seasoned my flour with salt and hot curry. Which worked out ok, but I think the next batch gets a mix. And more salt.

Anyway, I seasoned the flour, chopped the tofu, and did my "shake the bag like a maniac" thing. Dumped a (small) puddle of oil in the wok and let that heat on medium, maybe a bit higher than halfway up the dial. Drizzled some water into the baggy of flour/ spice/ tofu and did my demented shaking thing again.

Then, leaving the heat at medium (strange, I know) I dumped the tofu i the pan and tossed the tofu a couple times. Not, you know, throwing it, but flipping it in the pan with that neat flipping move TV chef's use. Keeps the tofu from breaking up, ya know...

Anyway, I tossed it around until all the tofu had a bit of oil on all the sides, then let it cook (on medium) for a couple minutes. Wandered off, wandered back, flipped the tofu a bit, wandered off, wandered back... Flipped the tofu again...

That actually went on for a while.

Finally, though, the outsides of the tofu were kinda browned and crispy (ish) and the insides were hot and squishy, and it was close enough to done for me.

So the secret to breaded or battered, or whatever-ed tofu in a pan or wok is to cook it slowly on medium. No matter how long it takes.

A deep fryer (or deep pot full of very hot oil) still works best, but for a more oil-frugal method, this whole "medium" thing seems to work. Who'd have guessed, lower temps make things less sticky...

Oh, yeah, and I nommed it. Can't forget that part.

ETA: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charley Brown is on Hulu, US peeps. Dunno if Canadian-types or anyone else can see it, but US-types, it's there...

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