Monday, November 15, 2010

OBD 14- Moar Bread and Chai

Oh, and drama, too, kinda.

RM#1 decided, at midnight, that he *absolutely* had to move the couch out of the house, 'cause it's infested. And that he had to tell me all about it. And then he told me that he's getting the neighbor, and exterminator, in to spray the house. For bedbugs.

So, of course, I told him *again* that spraying isn't effective, that the only effective treatment for the house was tenting. "uh, well, how much would that cost, and I don't know if you guys have anywhere to stay."

All the landlord's responsibility. Carefully avoided pointing out that he could always call the health department and ask them. Actually, maybe I'll call and ask....

Otherwise, dull Sunday. Very very dull. Did no writing. Having video card issues still, want to pull the part and toss it out the window. Can't afford to replace it, will avoid window-out-tossing for now. Also hope to avoid full windows reinstall. Takes too long, and I hate having to go back through and get everything how I like it again. Pleh.

Food- Out of soda, so I've been sipping chai. I have a non-caffeine / non-tea chai. Gypsy Tea rooibos chai, I think. And one pack with the magic caffeine in it. All day no caffeine would be sad.

Then finished the bread rolls, thought about making the chili, decided against it, thought about making speedy sweet potato fries or maybe weird curry pancake thing, but decided against that too. Started making chai. Of course, I also napped from 8-11am, so I really didn't get my day started until late...

Hmm, that's really pathetic eating. I'd have sworn I ate something else, but I can't remember what... I am a bit nervous, tho- TD had a home visit yesterday, and mom hasn't let me know if Bear is back to being an only-ist dog, and I has an interview for a holiday job. So I'm a bit bouncy right now.

Did I mention that the super sweetened chai smelled and tasted like it'd make the world's most tastiest ever cookies? Really, it does.

Or maybe that was the glug of vanilla.....

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