Wednesday, May 6, 2015

6 May 2015-- Off to a Rousing Start

Or not.

Let's say not.

I went home Monday, after picking up a can of black beans, some el pato salsa in a can, a sweet potato (way over priced at $0.80/lb), and a pack of half-price tortillas. All for less than $5. I've got a receipt somewhere.

I had visions of black bean and sweet potato burritos with a bit of salsa and some fried onion and garlic, a bit of cheese for yum, and some sliced fresh cabbage for texture and healthiness.

Then I pulled out all the stuff for that. And then I went looking for a can opener.

There was no can opener.

So I put most of the stuff back and just made a quesadilla with some cheese and butter I had, the tortilla, and a couple cabbage leaves (shredded and tossed in after cooking, crunchy yum).

Then I went back out. Did some more work, left to go home, picking up a bag of chips and a 2 liter bottle of soda on the way (have a receipt for that too, about another $5).

Ate chips and granola bars for breakfast and lunch Tuesday, then picked up a can opener with a new bag of chips and another bottle of soda last night. Unfortunately, by the time I got home after 9, I no longer had any interest in cooking, so I ate some chips and a Lara bar and crawled into bed.

Today I've finished the chips, and am determined to actually cook. I want to eat the yummy stuff, I have things to use with them, I will eat of their flesh. Their yummy veggie flesh.

Receipts and maybe some food photos will show up later. Promise. :P

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