Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day74- Kinda a Wash

It was an extra blah food day. Not really a surprise, after the super cool pasta thing yesterday.

So I started off the day with a headache, stuffed nose, and some oatmeal. did my job hunting stuff, and then took a benadryl and a couple ibuprofen, which knocked me out pretty good. I need to remember to take it *after* I eat, not before- the sleepiness hits pretty much right away.

So I fell asleep, and didn't wake up until almost midnight. Took a couple more vitamin I and another benadryl, and slept most of the rest of the night. Pleh.

So today I need to *not* take the benadryl, try to stick with the claratin (doesn't work as well, but doesn't put me to sleep either...), and spend more time awake today than asleep.

I also want to do something with the Baba- I think with the way it's flavored, it'd be great on pizza instead of sauce, or with tomato sauce. Avocados are on sale for $1 each at the grocery store, so I'll check what they are downtown before I get any.

So yay, Cinco de Mayo, season of avocado sales and cheap taco shells!

About the pasta machine-
My mom got it for me last year for Christmas, so i don't know how much it actually cost. She picked it up at World Market, but they don't carry them any more. It's not the big snazzy $200 one, it's really pretty basic. It does still throw off some metal once in a while, but you can just cut that out of the pasta. I found one on amazon that I *think* is the same one-Roma 6 Inch Traditional Style Pasta Machine.

So it doesn't have to be the super snazzy one. I have had trouble with the cutting part- I think the dough needs to be both stiffer and thicker than what i usually want to make. More "rustic", I guess. But it's super easy after the first try, and a drier dough actually works better. Much better, actually- don't have to dust with flour as much, so it doesn't dry out as much, and it doesn't stick to everything in the kitchen.

Ugh, my head hurts. Forking allergies.


  1. Are you trying plain Claritin or Claritin D? I find that plain Claritin does absolutely nothing for me but the good stuff Claritin D is a miracle worker...

  2. I'm a couple days behind reading your blog, so this comment is about the cookbook/bread post. Don't know if you like English muffins or not, but I found this recipe a few yrs ago in Family Fun mag and it is SO easy and you don't need to use the oven. You 'fry' them in a dry frying pan. You can switch up the flour for any variety or add stuff--I usually add oat bran. They are so good and fun to make!

  3. Your pasta problem may be because you're not using egg.

  4. crzychick- regular "24 hour" claratin. I haven't tried the D. Something about it being kept behind the counter at most pharmacies is a bit off-putting. Also, I tried the mucinex d this past winter... I don't know if it was the mix of drugs that bounced me, or that I don't usually use stuff with pseudephedrine in it, but I didn't sleep or eat for about 2 days after stopping it. Had amazing concentration, though....

    Cyndee- English Muffins are super-nommable. I'm thinking that recipe will take a bit of converting, though. It might have to wait until I've got margarine.

    Kim- possibly, but I think it's more the spacing of the cutting blades. It cuts the thicker pasta just fine. I prefer mine super thin if I can manage it. I might try mixing up a thicker/ drier batch of dough and trying to cut it with the machine again. It's possible I've just been using too soft a dough.

  5. Claritin D can give me a bit of a buzz (esp. if I haven't taken any in a while), but I love the concentration. As long as I take it in the AM, it tends to work out. You could try the 12 hour... Maybe it wouldn't keep you up as long. Not pushing, just trying to help. I hate the feeling of clogged sinuses. Just ruins my day.

  6. Don't worry, you're not pushing. And I gotta say, some focus would be nice about now... well, and not having to hold the Vick's scented tissues right next to my nose.