Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 106- Sorta Food and Fun

Made a double batch of the fried "dough" stuff for b-fast. Not healthy, but it sure does taste good. Did fried tofu for dinner- after karaoke.

I seem to be doing my best to eat everything that bothers other people, but that's fast, easy, and full of unhealthy. Wheat? Breakfast and Dinner. Soy? Dinner and (sometimes) on bread. I've no idea what I'd eat if I had to give up gluten and soy.

I know what other people eat, of course. But almond flour is expensive, and I'm still happily in a rice-free zone. I know there are people out there who are gluten, soy, and other bean free veggies or vegans, but I've no idea how they do it.

I mean, cheese makes me sick, with pretty serious pain, but I still slip once in a while and gorge on it.

Of course, I could live happily pretty much forever with a peanut allergy- I can't stand the blasted things- but a treenut allergy? I can fix a bourbon pecan pie to have no animal stuff in it (well, if someone else makes the crust, i can), but I've no idea how to make one without pecans.

It'd be like making choco chip cookies without choco chips. Or even that carob stuff (pleh).

So here's a Yay! to minimal food problems. And a boo, hiss to molding houses.

What food would *you* have trouble giving up- even if it meant being healthy instead of sick all the time?

Oh, and happy (or thoughtful, or whatever) memorial day, everybody.


  1. If I had to give up bread, that'd be hard to do! I love bread, and I get it mostly from the bakery, to make sure I eat it fresh, not shelf-stored for over a week. I love it with cheese, butter or with garlic and olive oil... Love your blog, I'm gonna try the fried batter thingys.

  2. Gluten. I think I'd prefer pain, suffering and death to giving up gluten. Also dairy and meat. And berries.

    I have no food allergies whatsoever, and a stomach like a steel drum, so I have always been able to eat pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want. Guess that makes me spoiled in a way. But one of the saddest non-famine/genocide things in my mind is food allergies - not being able to eat something you otherwise just depresses me.

  3. Hm, bread/gluten would be hard because I eat it alll the time. Giving up meat in the presence of my family would probably get me disowned - when I'm on my own I don't eat it that much though. If I didn't have such a terrible dairy allergy I could def do the vegetarian thing!

  4. If I had to give up garlic or pepperoni, I think I would die. Even though pepperoni kills my stomach. Even "pretend" pepperoni kills me tummy, but I just love it.

  5. OMG, you don't like peanuts? Peanut butter is the world's most perfect food! I could eat it 24/7/365. I buy it by the case. Love it, love it, love it. Hope I never have to give it up.

  6. There seem to be a lot of us here with a deep and abiding love for baked goods. Some of the gluten free stuff isn't too bad, but... some of it's just... weird.

    Alyse- I hear you on the garlic. It's one of my 4 or 5 food groups, all by itself.

    Cyndee- LOL- I took pbj to school for lunch just about every day until 6th grade or so. And just about every day that nasty soggy sammich with sticky PB got tossed, and i just drank my milk. Just gross.

    Now, almond butter... That I could eat with a spoon. Or hazelnut butter. Or..

    Did you know that if you leave a jar of nuttela in a hot car, or nuke it until it melts, you can drink it?

  7. When I was in Africa we would have these faux banana splits, which consisted of a banana covered in peanut butter and nutella. We didn't have refrigeration at our campsite, so the pb and nutella were warm enough to pour like syrups.


  8. Onions. I used to think it was cheese, but giving up dairy wasn't that bad. It has to be onions.

  9. Amie- I hear you on the onions. They are the single most common vegetable in my diet. Sooo tasty.

    Kim- see, there's that PB again. sneaky stuff that. Good to know I'm not the only one here that starts sentence with "when I was in..." though.

  10. Cheese, bread and brined foods. I can't function without them.

  11. I would have to say cheese and chocolate(not eaten together). I am a choco-holic. And I love cheese. If I was trapped on a desert island and could only have 2 foods forever, it would be those 2.