Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 78- Big Pile of Food

No photo, sadly- it was... rather unattractive. Couple potatoes, diced and fried, cup and a half of spiced TVP (also fried), some salsa, the rest of the tomato and avocado, and a bunch of catsup (which is what made it so un-photogenic).

So it looked gross but tasted ok.

I'm used to spicing my TVP with taco seasoning- up until a couple months ago I was working on a 1lb package of the stuff I picked up for about $20 from Penzey's, but that's gone now. So I need to practice spicing it on my own.

It didn't really help with the "not interested in food" thing, but it was filling and easy, and even kinda technically a decent meal.

Random cool reader location- Helsinki, Finland.

Hyvää päivää, Helsinki


  1. have you looked at your local grocery store's clearance sections? they sometimes have awesome produce/vegan "products" that they can't sell for full price anymore/no one really wanted to buy but me . . . like 68 cent cans of store-brand crushed tomatoes. it's usually well hidden.

    random cheap edibles are the spice of life

  2. For some reason the stores here only ever have useless or weird stuff on clearance. I'll try checking with the produce clerks for marked down veg, but I think it all gets donated. most of the "weird vegan stuff" at the local stores is pretty pared down already. i can keep and eye on expiration dates, though, and keep an eye out for them when they get close.