Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 85-Black Beans Don't Photograph Well

I didn't make pizza yesterday like I had planned. I ended up not wanting to heat the house up that much. Well, and I didn't feel like trying to protect my pizza from the wild zoom-zoom beast.

So instead I fried up a little bit of onion, tossed in rinsed, drained black beans, some of the tomato sauce, a whole bunch of cayenne pepper, and a bit of salt. It was very spicy and I liked it. Would have maybe been a bit better if I'd had some frozen corn kernels to toss in, but you can't have everything.

I'm planning to pick up some food while I'm out today- maybe some "convenience" foods. Even if it's just a vat of tofu to turn into ravioli and a couple bundles of noodles. I do need more soy sauce, though, and I want a tub of Earth Balance. I'll have to figure out where I am, official spend-wise, before I go out, then figure it out from there- I still need onions, after all.

Mom sent me home with an avocado. It'll be gone by noon.

Why do black beans taste so good, but always look like strange poop in pictures? One of the great food mysteries.


  1. I love black beans too! I made brownies out of them yesterday...not bad.

  2. I love black beans too! Made brownies out of them yesterday...not bad.

  3. mmm, brownies. If I baked more, I'd be plotting the purchase of some cocoa powder. Not worth it, though- I'd never use it all.