Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 90- Sometimes I Just Miss Cheese

Sure, it makes me sick. Of course it supports all kinds of meat-business stuff. And it totally coats my insides and makes me feel like I've eaten lead.

But damn, sometimes I just miss cheese.

I bring this up because roommate #1 and rm#1's boyfriend had cheese pizza earlier. And because super cheap totinos party pizzas are on extra super sale at Save-A-Lot. And because cheese is an amazing tasting way to get tons of calories.

So it's a good thing I have no money to buy cheese with. I've got enough congestion already from my allergies, and I really don't enjoy the "intestines being smooshed by a huge rugby center-type in spiky shoes" feeling I get a little while after eating it. But you never think about that while dreaming of $1.16 frozen pizza. It's not something that crosses your mind, right?

Yep, definitely a good thing I can't go get cheese.

Cheese is one of those strange things for vegans that's more expensive than what it's replacing (and with as much as I crave it (and give in to those cravings) I don't really count). Something about making it fake makes it more expensive. Replace meat with beans and the cost (usually) goes down on a per-serving basis. Pre-made wheat meat, though, is more expensive. Probably more per pound than an OK steak. Those frozen burgers and "meat" strips are the same.

I'm sure it's something to do with the scale used to make it, but still. Fake is more expensive. If I could be happy without fake cheese, or fake milk, or fake butter, or, or, or.. Well, it'd be cheaper.

In food news, I didn't eat much yesterday. I had a second interview (didn't get a job), and was too nervous to eat. Then I felt like crap because I'm bad at selling myself- which sounds worse every time I say it. Did have a big bowl of noodles, though. With about 2 Cups of cabbage and half an onion (and tons of soy sauce). Not huge calorie-wise, but at least it was something. I'll do better today, and make sure I get some stuff made up for the rest of the week.


  1. I know you tried daiya, but have you tried we can't say it's cheese? It's actually pretty close to the old hickory farms cheese spreads. So, it doesn't taste like cheese exactly, but it's pretty good. It also has a short ingredient list, most of which I've seen you mention eating here, so I think your tummy would like it better than daiya.

    Anyway, I'm loving this blog. It's really helped me since I recently went vegan from lacto-ovo. Gives me good ideas for cheap vegan eats.

  2. Glad I could help you. I haven't tried that one- the daiya was an impulse buy (that I intend to repeat, even if it does upset my belly a bit), but really not in the budget. I've noticed that, like with dairy cheese, once I have it on one thing, I've got to use it on everything until it's gone. I am a bad cheese budgetter.

    I know there are also some nut-based cheeses that are getting some good press, but they're super spendy. The local health food store has a sunflower and tofu (I think) feta that was amazing- had it on sammiches for breakfast every day for a week.