Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 112- Mostly Scratch Tacos

I am really loving this fresh tortilla thing- well, maybe other than the bit where mine look like they were rolled out by hyperactive dogs. On crack.

Bear is loving having me around- not totally clear on the why, I keep trying to trim his foot-fur (people are starting to wonder what he does, exactly, at home by himself all day).

So I made tacos. Pretty much all I made yesterday. Well, and a mess, I did that too.

Bear supervising tortilla ingredients

I used the tortilla recipe from before-
  • 2c flour
  • 1/4t baking powder
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1/4c oil
  • 2/3 c water
super easy, yes? Had to add some extra flour, since it's absorbing moisture from the air, but otherwise, worked out just fine.

They were rather misshapen (in fact, while I was trying to cook them I had that bit from Bend it Like Beckham in my head- about the round chapatis). I did manage one that I'm not too embarrassed of, so here-

un-embarrassing tortilla

Then I hunted in mom's rotter drawers for onion (tossed a spotty yellow squish and something that *might* have once been a cucumber). I might go hunting for more scary stuff later- I think I saw green onions, as well...

So I found a (nearly off) chunk of red onion to go with the yellow squish and garlic I brought. The onion was revived by peeling off the soft bits and cutting off the dry bits, then chopped with the rest of the stuff.

red onion, yellow squash, and two cloves of garlic ready to cook

All was sauteed in the non-stick pan with some oil, salt, Boca Crumbles (not sure why these were in her freezer, but she said I could use them, so I did), and Turkish Seasoning from Penzey's (They were sending a sample with most spices back in 2008, and I put it on or in just about anything until I ran out. Then I cried.).

taco filling in the pan

Then I chopped some (also found in rotter drawer) tomato, tossed all that onto the tortillas, and added some ketchup (too lazy to spoon out salsa, what can I say).

tacos and beer, ready to eat

Bear approved, but wanted to taste test-beer too.

the dog wants a snack

No beer for Bear.

give the dog a snack

I tried to trim his feet again, but he figured out that if I can't get to the scissors (or his feet) I can't trim.

New game! Squash j!

Oh, and Bear has a msg for everyone out there. He says "luk deep into mai ayes, internetz"

Teh dog nedz a snak. Giv teh dog a snak. J iz mean an doesn't give snax. Giv teh dog a snak

Hmm... maybe no more notes from the dog.... At least, not until he learns to spell.


  1. Your tortillas look way rounder than my flatbreads, but I too am becoming addicted to the quick stove-top bread like thing. I made a big batch of dough for flatbread (had to let it rise), and then broke it into individual servings wrapped in plastic wrap and tossed in the fridge for daily lunch fixes - today is my last one! So sad.

  2. ow.. I'm a sucker for big dogs like labs and goldens - bear is too cute.

  3. You might not think he was so cute if he was sitting next to you, trying to play. I think someone needs a nice loooong walk.

    Kim- that's the only one that was round. The rest were lopsided, and mostly too big for the pan. oops...

  4. I love imperfect food.

    Major kudos on the pictures! I missed them.

    My parents' golden don't mind you touching his feet but he HATES it when mom tries to brush his tail. He turns in circles so she can't get it. He doesn't walk away, though... Just turns in circles and does faux biting. It's hilarious.

  5. This one seems to think the foot trimming thing is a great new game... Much better than lick-the-face or sit-in-lap and pretty close up there with sneak-the-food. He's a goof.

  6. The dog pictures and stories are seriously destroying my resolve. I've been resisting getting a puppy because I don't really have the time or money for one, but I miss my family dog who is all the way in NY with the paternal units, and I don't think I'll be able to hold out much longer.

  7. I ditto Alyse on the photos (yay, tons of images!), and very very nice tortillas. They look quite tasty.

    And your half-brother sure seems like an energetic dog. He's a cutie. :)

  8. The tacos look fantastic. Points for saving the onion! :)