Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 120- Hot Weather, Cold Food

It was hot yesterday. Outside, but in the house too. There's only so much an old AC unit can do when the insulation is pretty much non-existent, none of the doors or windows seal tight, and the roof is dark.

So it was well over 85 *inside* by about 10 am yesterday. Everyday lately, actually.

So for breakfast I finished off the chips (which I took out of my money this time), then I played WoW for about 8 hours, then I made noodles, ran them under cold water until they were icy, and then added the seasonings.

Now, normally I'd add fried onion and all sorts of other things. Yesterday it was hot and icky, though, so I added the first oil I got my hands on (olive), and some soy sauce. If I had some I'd have added a little MSG and ginger, but I left the ginger at mom's with Bear, and only use MSG in this one recipe, so I don't have any.

I love MSG.

Ok, sorry. When it started cooling off I went downtown to the bar I go to every Sunday that I leave the house. It was good to get out, and I got to pretty totally trash some people's ideas about me. Someone thought I was the shy, quiet, innocent sister. I guess I radiate conservative. Them not know me very good. (For anyone wondering, I *am* shy- but once I get comfortable with people I'm anything but quiet, and I'm *never* conservative. Ok, I take that back. I still think people should have (and use) good manners- otherwise, though... not so much innocent as geeky.) So my sister's ex bought me a drink and hit on me until I explained that guys she's been out with are not on my list of guys I'll go out with (it's actually more specific than that, but I'll leave it out of here to spare my mother). Do guys not have a rule like that?

So anyway, I was going to cook when I got home, but by then I'd been up about 21 hours, and it was time for some sleep.

In other news, I didn't get anything done this weekend that I wanted to. But I now have a BElf (smexy BElf) about 6 levels higher than he was at the start of the weekend. I also see flashing multi-colored numbers when I close my eyes.

So, you guys want shiny new challenge Wednesday?

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  1. I would love a challenge since I missed your last one. So bring it on!