Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 144- ToMaToes!!!!!!!!!

So I'm still sick, which is bad. But worse? I finished the tomatoes. I had one big yellow one left, which I chopped/ diced, and mixed with onion, oil, and balsamic vinegar and ate on bread. The bread I made to eat with the burgers.

It was yummy, but it took me hours to eat because my throat was so swollen and sore. Om nom nom.

Finished off the throat drops early, so I picked up a bag of lemon-heads when I refilled my soda supplies. Of course they have beeswax in them, but they're hard candy and they work.

Then onion in noodles made otherwise just like the night before.

My throat still feels like I've been gargling glass.

When I was a kid I had tonsillitis every single year right around this time. I'd almost always be visiting my grandparents in Florida, where they used AC. Every single summer, same nasty sore throat. Every summer, same shot in the butt and pukey bubblegum flavored antibiotics. every summer the dream of getting the damned things out so I could eat Ice Cream all day long.

Every summer seeing that Ice Cream eating dream crushed. Believe me when I say I wish they'd just pulled them. That I still get nasty sore throats for the same reason is really annoying. Oh, and believe that I've also got a pretty nasty looking set of tonsils. Even when they look good.

When I grow up and have insurance and get this again, bet my pale scrawny behind I'm getting them cut out. I don't care that it's a strange thing to do to an adult. If I had a time machine I'd go back and have them cut out back when I was a kid.

But the tomatoes were good.

Oh, and tonsillitis? Just fancy doctor talk for "there's something up with the tonsils, but we really don't care what, since we just give you the bubblegum crap anyway."


  1. I occasionally get tonsilitis, and when I do, it's a whopper. The pain is so intense I can't even talk. Antibotics and Wild Cherry Riccola (I would go through about 2+ bags worth), decaf tea with honey and anything soothing are in order. Hope you get better soon. When it rains, it pours doesn't it?

  2. Yep. I should be pushing the soothing hot liquids, I just can't get myself to the kitchen. Now with added head cold. Pleh.

  3. I get tonsilitis, too. Not often, every few years. The last time I had it was in 2007. I had enormous abcesses on my tonsils. Once it healed, the ENT told me if it happens again I'll have to get my tonsils removed. He also mentioned that I have enormous tonsils even when they're not swollen. I feel your pain.