Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 161- Cupcakes and Cameras

I did a bit of shopping yesterday, picking up all the food (or just about) that I wanted. I got cabbage ($1.01 for ~3lbs) and veggie oil ($1.99/ 48 oz) from Save-a-Lot. A pound of onions ($0.99), 3/4's of a pound of sweet potatoes (.59/ lb, $0.44), a head of garlic (2.99/lb, $0.33), and a splurge of 1/3rd of a pound of Brussels sprouts at $1.49/lb ($0.49) from the vegetable bin.

Then, because I was in the general area, and I want to make the gnocchi with creamy sauce again I went to Whole Foods. I picked up the exact amount of blanched, slivered almonds I need for the sauce (.03 lb, $0.18), checked to see if they sold bulk Daiya (they don't), and headed over to the bakery case.

It's a new week, you see, and that means I got a cheat. And cheat I did, with vegan chocolate cupcake the size of my head. Om nom nom. It was so big the bakery lady put it in a 6" cake box. It was also $3, not $5 like I'd thought. Still, huge cupcake. I drove it all the way home, not nomming it even once. Not even licking some of the frosting off. And there was plenty of frosting. I even chilled it a bit to re-solidify the frosting. Then I took it outside and got a couple pictures of it.

Then I washed my camera. Well.. not quite *then*, but close enough. Before I got the photos uploaded. I'll know if I killed it forever and ever in a couple days. It was on the bed, you see, waiting to get uploaded. And I washed my sheets, and sure, they were a little heavy, and something kinda went thunk, but I was *certain* I'd gotten all the stuff off the bed and out of the pile of sheets. Srsly.

Only I didn't. Oops. So no photo today. I'm going to see if the data card is still good later on. I want to be sure everything is dry before I try to get it to work. Chances are it's all fried, but if not, I don't want to fry it now by trying to use it before the insides are all dried out.

Can I just say that yesterday was a no good, very bad kinda day? But I'm all loaded up with veggies (and for only about $5.75), so it's all good. I have, what, $5 left for the rest of this half of the year? That's plenty. Only things I maybe see me buying are another cabbage, an onion, and maybe a zucchini- and making spring rolls with them. Om nom nom. But that's for next week or the one after, I think.


  1. I'm not having good feelings about your camera. I had mine at the bottom of a big hand bag, and a water bottle leaked all over it, and it never worked again, even though I got it right under a hand dryer in a public bathroom. The data card was fine, though.

  2. Yeah, I'm kinda getting that feeling, too. but for now I'm practicing this crazy new "positive thinking" deally. Doubt that it'll effect the outcome, but at least I'm calmer. Kinda like smoking pot, only without the cost, or law breaking, or allergic reaction, or whatnot.

  3. Hopefully your data card survives, I agree with Kim the camera probably won't make it. But maybe you'll luck out. I have known a few people who have soaked there cell phones and insist they work fine after you let them dry out.

  4. Haha, in a lot of ways I still haven't shaken off the case of Senioritis I had my last semester of high school . . . 12 years ago. I find the 'eh, whatever' attitude pretty helpful, especially since most of my life's disasters don't come close to ACTUAL PROBLEMS. No one in my family has been killed in a tsunami, my native country hasn't been devastated by an earthquake, and I never have to go to bed hungry, so the fact that I have to replace a tire on my car isn't really the end of the world.

  5. Sorry about the camera. :(

    As an aside, if you, like me, believe that cake is simply a delivery system for frosting, most bakeries will load up extra frosting (up to 1/2" thick in some instances) on your cupcakes/minicakes/cakes/whatever, if you ask them nicely and don't mind waiting a bit for them to do it.

    Just sayin'.

  6. Yeah... it's looking a bit better today- everything on the outside at least looks dry. Of course, there's still obvious fog in the view finder thingy and when I pull open the cover to look in the lens, it's not pretty.

    Allie- I do believe that cake is for delivering frosting, but so, apparently, do the bakers at my semi-local Whole foods. there was a good 3/4's of an inch of icing on it already, in a pretty flower shape. and it wasn't the most frosted one either. But I like to bite into something other than frosting (crazy, I know), so I went with the one where cake would also fit in my mouth. It's just not that big.

  7. Though I realize it was a few days ago, you still might be able to save the camera. If you put it in a baggy filled with rice for a day or two it will suck all the water out. I have done it with cell phones and it worked surprisingly well once I was patient and quit checking every five minutes :)

  8. ooh, rice! I hadn't thought of that. I'll try it, thanks. Worst that can happen is it doesn't work and I waste some rice, right?