Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 203- Chickpeas and Holidays

Finished the curry. It was yummy. And the rice is now all totally gone, into my tummy. Falafel, it turns out, didn't happen, and since I just kept cooking the beans on low, I don't think it's going to- they're trying to fall apart already, so hummus it is.

Like I need an excuse to make bread....

Yay Labor Day?

So, while most of the US is out trying to BBQ in the rain, I'll be loafing about at home, probably in the rain ('cause it always rains on Labor Day). Yep, no BBQ for me. There are things I eat that can be barbecued- thick slices of eggplant are good, so are tomatoes, jacket potatoes, and corn. I'm just not.

It never really gets cold enough here *not* to barbecue, actually. A little too rainy, perhaps. Having watched people try to cook outside when it's 20 below zero with wind and snow, and ice underfoot, it totally doesn't get too cold here.

Honestly, I forgot it was Labor Day weekend until people started asking me what I was doing. It's not like weekends and holidays mean much to me- I don't get extra holiday pay and I don't *go* anywhere to work. It's like summer vacation as a kid- no idea what day it is, just knowing you get to do the same thing tomorrow. Throws the timekeeping off a bit.

Wonder if Labor Day is a good choice for grocery shopping... Beer, meat, and chips might be a little picked over, but I've got an idea what I want this week, and it looks more like potatoes and pinto beans. I think I'll be safe- so long as the stores are all open. Maybe I'll even pick up an eggplant.

Anyone doing/ done anything interesting for Labor Day? Any non-US types enjoying the end of summer/ waiting for spring (you southern hemisphere-types)? Have a favorite BBQ-type food?


  1. When I did falafel, I turned my chickpeas into essentially a puree and then added flour to give the enough consistency to cook as patties.

  2. Today was grilled cheese and tomatoes and finishing off the pumpkin custard with bread pudding.

    If I had my way I'd break out the grill and grill something, but it's more of a hibachi that we haven't used in years :(

  3. We grill year round and I LOVE grilled shrimp. Mostly we grill chicken, brats or burgers and steaks...and veggies of course. But when I can afford them and get some that look halfway decent I peel and de-vein them then toss them in some citrus marinade. They are so good.

    Our Labor Day was un-eventful as well. I made chilli because I am trying to hurry fall . Even though it reached 100 here.

  4. I seem to have wandered into pizza land. Grilled pizza with grilled toppings? yum.

    Kim- the beans themselves were too liquidy- it would have taken too much flour to hold it together to taste like anything other than flour. I didn't have to add any liquid at all to get *pourable* hummus.

    MrsQ- Fixing/ setting up/ grilling on a hibachi sounds like a man project. If the manliness of it doesn't work, you could try "wouldn't it be sexy if..." but i don't know how that works with cooking...