Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 228- What To Do With Lentils

I seem to be swapping my days and nights again- I slept all of yesterday, then most of last night. Not good for the eating, not bad with the "catch up on sleep"-ing. Made (and ate) a loaf of half risen, mostly baked bread. Should have made more fried rice- It's better, easier, faster.

Anyway. I have about a bag and a half of lentils. It's my biggest collection of protein-y food. They aren't yummy red split lentils like you'd use for Indian food. These are boring brown and green lentils.

I need to turn them into something
  1. interesting
  2. tasty
  3. that doesn't look like lentils *or* mud
Which may or may not be possible. I was thinking about cooking some and then trying to turn them into a sauce, but I don't know if they'd *ever* get smooth enough for that. What would I add to it, anyway? Whatever I end up doing with them, I can dump it over polenta, or rice, or make pasta and toss it with that...

Maybe some kind of ravioli filling? Is it even possible to turn lentils into a tasty ravioli filling?

I still have TVP, so I'm not desperate, just wondering. And I'm making a list (still just in my head) of what I want to buy/ eat next week. It may be the week of the tasty (expensive) vegan meatball sub. I think that and a casserole dish full of black bean enchiladas (beans, rice, tortillas, sauce, black olives, onion, maybe sweet potato, maybe sour cream...) could hold me happily for a week. Actually, that sound *really* good.

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  1. There are really only two things I do with lentils - I make salads frmo them, and I make mujadra (which might work well for you since you just need lentils, onion, oil, salt and rice). I don't see why you couldn't put some in ravioli, though I think they might be kind of heavy.