Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 233- Catching Up

Monday was actually pretty fun- other than the whole stuffed with vegan meatball sub-thing, which was maybe less fun than I would have liked. I suspect my stomach has shrinked again.

So, in between making and nomming super-long meatball sub of doom, I chatted on the phone with my mom. I like my mom. Sometimes she's silly, though.

Like around Monday. Or really, the couple months leading up to Monday.

See, Mom and the SF have a computer. It had been running *very* slow. One time while I was there I checked the RAM. It had maybe 256.


Nothing will run right on that!!

Luckily, I had a spare stick that would fit- half a gig, so it's quite a bit more. I brought it with me and left it there one time when I was fuzzy-brother-sitting.

Oh, yeah, Bear and the Temporary Dog say "Hi!!!!"

Anyway... I didn't get around to putting the RAM in, and left it there, letting Mom know that it's probably the *easiest* thing to do in a computer. As long as you've got it pointed in the right direction and you're not working on a table made of magnets, just about anyone could do it.

So Monday I get a call from Mom. I think I said that already... she's (after 3 or 4 months) decided that it's time to be brave and try this thing that I've told her is very easy. So I walk her through taking the side off the tower, figuring out where the spaces for the RAM are, which way it goes. This is, like, a twenty minute process. I realized I might have to explain things better when she didn't know which big bright board thing was the motherboard. We got it figured out (for anyone who doesn't know, the motherboard is usually the biggest, flattest (green/blue/yellow) plasticy-looking thing in the computer, with all the stuff attached to it)

(Photo by IngaMun)

In the photo the MoBo is the big gold thing, just so's ya know. Turns out Mom's is, too.

So we got that cleared up, figured out which slot to put the RAM in, and what direction it should face. Then I got to listen to her try to shove the thing into place for a couple minutes. It's always the worst part of the whole installing-Ram-Deally. Sometimes I worry I'm going to break the RAM, sometimes I worry I'm going to break the MoBo. I think I just like to worry.

So she got it in, without too much trouble (or any breaking, yay!) and powered it up. I got to listen to lots of "this is so much faster" and "wow, this is much better". I don't know *how* she was watching Hulu on it before, but ok.

That was Monday's adventure. Rounded out with a bit of TV and a couple spare/ leftover "meatballs", it wasn't bad at all.

Tuesday, though? I don't know what's up with Autumn. I know I'm allergic to just about everything in the air (and walls, and...) but this is just getting silly. We've started seeing mosquitoes again, and I've got a couple bugbites (like 20) that look like actual welts. they're the size of bee-stings or wasp bite-thingies. They are freaking huge. I'm still getting bedbug bites (nasafrasing@##$%^$^&**#$#^%%^), but those are *smaller* than these. And I'm sneezey and snuffly, and all kinds of other fun stuff.

So I Benadryl. And then I sleep. And then I *really, really* creative nightmare. Rinse, repeat.

Tuesday ended up being pretty boring, and kinda naughty, food-wise. I was too out of it with allergy meds to make more bread, so I didn't start on my second bag of not-meatballs. Instead, i drove (great idea, right?) to the store and picked up the beans and flour I need for the rest of the week, got the cash I need for cash-stuff for the rest of the month, and picked up a bag of half-priced Lays instead of two bottles of soda (same price). I'm not sure if the soda would have been better or worse, but it probably would have lasted longer.

Nommed the chips with the super-spendy sour supreme ($2.99/ 12oz), down to about 1/4 the sour "cream", and the dregs of the bag of chips. Yum.

Spent $3.55 on the flour and 2lbs of beans, though, so I'm almost totally ready for the rest of this week and all of next. A jar of sauce, a sweet potato, and maybe a can of black olives, and I'll be set. Woot.

Pretty sure today and tomorrow are meatball sub days again. Yum.


  1. I hate to tell you but I am terrified of my computer (fixing it or whatever.) Your explanation for your Mom was so good and easy to understand; thanks for posting that. Now if you could just explain all the other stuff so I could understand, like why does my computer suddenly cut off when I click on the task bar to change websites? Gee, I'd feed you for free if you lived closer to me and could help me feel more comfortable with understanding my computer problems. And, btw, where are those Bear pics?

  2. Lol... most of the time when I get a computer-related phone call from mom I go to Google. It is made of magic. I just put in the problem, and google spits out a couple hundred thousand answers. Then I pick one and walk her through it.

    First time I pulled the side of a computer was super scary. Second time was easier. First time I built my own (bought hardware, not DIY) I had a friend in the room with me to talk me through the weird stuff. It's like anything else new- scary and maybe confusing at first, but if you start with "easy" stuff most people will pick it up fast. It just *seems* like it should be more difficult than it is.

    I'll see if I can get goggie photos from Mom. I am still (sadly) a camera free zone. Good news is, I think the beaches here are opening up to leashed dogs again, now that off-season's coming. So maybe you'll get some Bear-at-the-beach photos....