Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 237- Salt Fixes Everything

Ok, food-wise, anyway. I doubt it would fix my magical FAIL-car. Got duct tape for that...

But Strange Pad Thai? Oh yeah. Fixed the heck out of that. I added a bunch before nuking it to warm. Then mixed that salt in, added more. Tasted it, grabbed the shaker and dragged everything back to my lair. Added more salt, mixed, tasted. *More* salt, nommed that part of the bowl. Salted the newly revealed food, nommed.

Yeah, pretty much how the whole thing went.

Turns out the Tasty Bite sauces are "no added salt." So for me that means they taste of pleh and un-salt. Total fail. Fixed it to all-better-ness. Still probably won't be buying that one again, ever.

Then later I was hungry. Like, really really hungry. And I wanted to get some cash. So I went to Publix, where they have pasta on sale buy1 get 1. So I got one for 71 cents including tax.

Which was totally perfect, 'cause I had about a serving and a half of raw tofu mom sent me home with, and half a cup of snazzy store bought red sauce, and all the random pantry crap I have. So I cooked up my tasty spirals (only half or 1/3 of the box), diced the tofu, fried the tofu in a nice big puddle of oil, salt, then when the pasta was just about done, watered down the sauce a bit and added that and a dash of balsamic vinegar- just to get it all out of the jar and make it go a bit farther.

Add the pasta, mix, NOM!

I even have the rest of the box left... I'm thinking maybe an onion/ garlic/ "butter" thing for it. Not the healthiest, but sooo yummy.

In total FAIL, the bedbugs have nommed my elbow, which now itches like you would not believe. I am re-baking my bedding, and thinking about adding a duct tape trap to my bed- I have no idea how they're getting up here, but it's driving me nuts. I don't want to do this for 3.5 more months. I'll be totally without blood.


  1. You have housemates, right? Are they baking their bedding too?

  2. 2 aren't bothered by them *at all*, one only gets a little itchy. I end up with huuuge welts. If making everything on my bed spend 2+ hours rolling around in the drier twice a week is the only way to keep me un-itchy, I'll do it. Crazy, right? fsking allergies....

  3. Do you have one of those plastic encasements for your mattress? My understanding is that they help a lot with bed bugs.