Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 241- Slacktastic

Sorry I'm running so late today. I overslept, then wandered into the interwebs, then... yeah.

To make up for it, I offer you this kinda silly link to hyperbole and a half, who seems to have taken a great chomping look into my mind. Only I don't gots no ADD meds. Just teh caffeines. Don't gots ADD, either... Just forked brains.

Mmm, forked brains, easier for zombies, now with flip-top skull...

Um... Right, food.

So I managed to save the beans yesterday, and nommed them a couple times, with globs of sour supreme, some garlic powder, extra salt, and a tiny bit of paprika. Super nummy.

Then, to balance the beans (and keep me from gassing out the RM's) I made another batch of bread roll-thingies, which I ate with most of the rest of the EB, and am still snacking on this morning.

I think maybe use less salt next time when topping them, though. The other stuff is tough on the roof of my mouth, but the salt makes my tongue feel funny.

Also, I've used almost the whole box of kosher salt. so if anyone out there was wondering who ever manages to finish the *whole* 3lb box of kosher salt... I do.

Ok, now I need to go pre... er, work... yeah, work. So I can buy food. Because food is good for me. And I want broccolis. Lots of them. And I can only have them if I work. Yep, that's it.

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  1. This post really got me to LoL a lot, especially the first few paragraphs. You can't go wrong with flip tops for zombies.
    Oh, and I find I can't tell the difference between ADD or caffeine usage... I think it's a little of column A and a little of column B.