Sunday, November 14, 2010

OBD 13- Mac and Cheese and Bread

Yes, I know, cheese, with mac or not is maybe not the best idea. Too bad. The brand name boxes are on sale at publix, and I just wanted it. Not the normal elbows, though. I can't actually stand them

Nope, I got spirals. I *love* spirals. And for 59 cents a box I was willing to go for it, picking up (and swiftly nomming) 2 boxes.

Important point here- I do not have "butter" or "milk". Not even vegan-type ones. "But- but- but-," I'm sure someone is trying to say, "How can you make mac and cheese without milk or butter (or anything like them)?"

Easy- it's actually a hiking trick. After all, you probably don't have milk or butter out in the middle fo the woods either, do you? Can you even imagine how bad that would smell in summer? ick.

I don't dump the pasta in a colander when it's done cooking, I pour off most of the water, with my trusty wok tool in front of the pot, acting like a strainer and catching run-away pasta. I get rid of most of the water, but leave a couple tablespoons worth in the pot. Then I drizzle a bit of oil (maybe another T) in place of butter, and a bit of salt gets tossed in, too, and the cheese powder on top of that. Stir it up and you really can't tell the difference. It gets just as strangely orange, just as rubbery as soon as it's cold. Magic, right?

Of course, hiking-types would use just enough water to cook the pasta and mix up the sauce, but they'd also have to either carry or filter it first, so I don't blame them.

So I had two boxes over the course of the morning.

Then I had some more roommate drama and a nap.

Then I got hungry at about 6 pm or something, after a trip to the store to pick up another onion (must has....), and made bread twists and red sauce. Om nom nom.

And I didn't over spice the sauce this time either.

Oh, but I did forget that I still have a huge gaping, ouchy wound in my mouth and get salty red sauce in it. Yeah, that kinda hurt, a bit....

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