Thursday, November 18, 2010

OBD 17-More Junk and Less Roommates

RM's 2&3 moved out yesterday. They've still got some cleaning and a few more things to move, but they aren't here. Which is interesting, 'cause this is now the first time I've seen RM1 in, oh, 3 days. It's like he has radar, or something.

So now it's me and him and RS. Um, yay? At least there are fewer people using the bathroom. Win!

Also, fewer people using the kitchen. I'm now the only person who cooks in the entire house.

And I used that freedom for evil yesterday. I made three boxes of mac and cheese (with oil, not butter and milk...) and nommed them. Not the most exciting food, and I *know* I keep talking about needing to make chili (today, maybe?) but it just hasn't happened yet.

ooh, I saw Bear the dog yesterday. He was very excited. Very very very excited. He jumped and leaped and danced. He forgot how to sit and spent a good 20 minutes waiting at the door to come inside. TD forgot that he's not supposed to beg or climb on furniture, or jump up on people, so he also got to spend some quality time practicing "sit". I don't have a photo, tho...

Mom and I went through the Vegetable Bin ad. She's going over there Friday, she thinks, and I gave her a list. I'll pay her back for it when I pick it up, but there is just an amazing list of stuff I wanted, And I don't want to make a special trip all the way downtown just to buy veggies. So yeah...

You'll hear all about that when I get the stuff, and I'll come up with new and exciting ways to use them all. Including (hopefully) a small turban squash. Om nom nom.

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