Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OBD 9- Oops, No Chili

See, I *was* going to make chili, and it might get made today, but I ran out of energy.

Or maybe I just got sick of fighting the benadryl...

Yeah, probably that second one.

So instead, yesterday I feasted (kinda) on spicy oniony homefries, and sweet hot tea, and oatmeal. Which really doesn't sound that good, or like that much, now that I think about it...

Anyway, the homefries are getting done again today, 'cause they're easy, but I'm nuking them to done-ness before frying them. It cuts down on to-wok-sticking, and also cooking time. Win!

The sweet hot tea was a desperate attempt to beat back the "ack, no caffeine" headache (plus ibuprofen and benadryl...) which eventually helped, a little. More of that today, too...

But the oatmeal? that's where the excitement is!

Last time I made oatmeal I used half water and half applejuice for the liquid (I think). Yesterday i used all abbajuice. Which might have been a mistake. See, the abba juice overpowered the other flavors I added to the oats, so that I couldn't really taste the cinnamon or the vanilla, or even really the basic white sugar. Also, I made the oatmeal in my mug, and didn't watch it very carefully while it was nuking.

Did you know that oatmeal will overflow a mug like one of those lava volcano craft thingies? Spilled over the top and down the sides to puddle on the glass spinning plate-thing. Also made the outside of my mug very sticky and paste-y. I need to get the stuff off before I can make tea again.

Anyway, don't make totally apple juice flavored oatmeal. It seems to be a bit more likely to explode then you really want food to be.

Now, off to soak the mug, make the fries, and maybe even start some chili....

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