Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 295- RM Drama Means Spendy Food

I'm avoiding the RM. Which means that when he's awake, I'm either in my room with the door locked or out of the house.

I've eaten more "restaurant" meals in the last two days then in all of the rest of the year until now. Crazyness. My stomach, btw, totally not into it.

I do have all kinds of tasty food, though, so maybe I'll be awake and willing to crawl out of my hole long enough to make something interesting today. I've been playing with hiking foods, balances, and stuff that's cheap and easy.

I still really want to do some baking. I also still really have all the stuff for a couple fun easy curry dishes. I really enjoy basic cheater curry. I think it'd catch on more in the US if the ingredient lists didn't look so scary, and people had more experience with the flavors. It's crazy, in NZ it seemed like every crossroads had an Indian take-away. Here in the states it's only cities, really.

So make your own, I say, and call it good. Like the "Chinese" recipes in cookbooks from the 1950's. May not be authentic, but if it tastes good it's good enough for me.

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