Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 301- The End of Carb Mania and a Return to Vegetables

Much like the medicine that made me lose my appetite entirely, the medicine that turned my appetite on full force is not going well. My stomach hits me all day, every day with desperate pleas for cookies and chips. I don't normally crave cookies, so that one's easy to miss. The chips though...

I've noticed, though maybe you guys haven't, that in my carb obsessed last couple of weeks (with budget nowhere in sight...) one of the things missing is vegetables. The other, really, is protein.

I've been using cheese instead of beans, and I feel pretty blah. It's super easy to have a meal of cheese and carbs, and I suspect that kind of eating is at least 50% responsible for the magic headache of sparkly lights I, um, "enjoyed"... Saturday.

I figured out it was a problem yesterday, actually. after stuffing myself with enough (totally nutrition-less) food to keep a teenager full for at least 6 hours, I was starving again. My stomach actually *hurt*. Not cool.

So I decided to give my stomach what it seemed to want. After more pancakes than my stomach should be able to hold, it was still shouting more. Not good, but now I know it's definitely not that I wasn't eating 'till fullness. It's that my brain switches are goofy. Much easier to deal with.

So starting today, in about half an hour, I'm going to try to manage balanced meals, with vegetables *and* protein, and to stop eating after a reasonable serving amount.

Which means that, despite my goals otherwise, I will be taking at least one more trip to the store before the end of December. I have one onion, a cooked (and hopefully still good) turban squash, a sweet potato, a couple turnips, and a bag of frozen peas. More than I thought I had. Writing it out makes it sound like more. Win for me, right?

So I'm off to lure my stomach into temporary fullness (instant mashed potatoes), then bash it over the head with nice healthy food (either pea and potato curry, or cashew mac and cheese with veggies...).

And Tuesday, Honest, I'll be back on schedule. Everyone needs something fun to read first thing in the morning. And the last weeks leading up to Christmas craziness seem to be needier than most.

Oh, yeah, Hope everyone had a happy Hanukkah, too. Kinda slipped by me there.

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