Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 306- Lost Day

I thought yesterday was Thursday. All day, seriously. Until my sister told me it was Friday, I totally thought it was Thursday. So I got kinda turned around a bit.

Anyway, I ended up at lunch with Mom and the SD (during tree-buying) at a Thai restaurant, where I may or may not have eaten something with fish sauce *and* mushrooms in it. My throat and tongue are swollen, which I can fix with benadryl (kinda, a little), and I am a bit queasy, which I can fix with more ginger tea (also good-ish for swelling), and my breath and hiccups and stuff all taste kinda like fish. Which is really gross, actually....

The food didn't, though, so I'm not sure. Maybe next time I'll just stick to veggie spring rolls and mango sticky rice.

Anyway, if I did, oops, and I'll be more careful next time. And if I had mushrooms, oh well, it wasn't bad enough for a trip to the hospital, so it's all good.

But I'm kinda icky, and that doesn't help the meandering cold from earlier in the week.

Anyway, cookie cooking has been put off until Tuesday, Bear is cute but bored, and it's raining in Charleston.

Oh, yeah, and if I drink anymore ginger tea, I think I might float away.

If I were feeling better, it'd be a great day for a hike.

ETA: Think I've figured out part of why my "cold" isn't getting any better. RM1 is smoking in his room. Allergic to cig smoke. Think super pollen day, pumped into your room/ office/ whatever. Pleh!

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