Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 311- Cookies and Real Food

I ate almost all the cookies I brought home yesterday. There are a couple rum balls and a wedding cookie left. Sounds like breakfast.

Which is why I told mom I wasn't bringing all the cookies back with me. My sister stuffed two bags full, i just grabbed a couple of each. My teeth will thank me later.

After I was finally cookied out, I decided to attack the giant sweet potato that lives in my fridge. I chunked it (do not try with dull knife, it's not good...) and fried it over medium heat for... a while... with oil, salt, about 1/3rd an onion, chopped, and some garlic and cajun seasoning. Near the end, when most of it seemed soft, and it looked about ready, I hit it with a splash of soy sauce and a splash of vinegar. It was super yummy, and I really do recommend the idea to just about anyone.

Of course, it turned out that the huge chunks my dull knife cut weren't done yet, so it also spent some quality time in mister microwave.

What did people do before microwaves? Sure, they make food weird, but they also save food when cooking longer would burn it forever and ever. Magic.

For x-mas I think I'm going with mom, sd, and sister (no Bear) to their friends house for feasting.So I won't be cooking. Maybe if I'm nice, tomorrow I'll share my "when eating for holidays at home" recipe. Which is also my "when too cheap to order chinese" recipe. and my "I just really want fried food" recipe. It's magical and multi-functional. Yayz.

I'll get the Bear pics up when I get them. they're still hiding on mom's camera.

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