Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 335- More Chips

So I totally shouldn't have, but I bought more chips yesterday and nommed them. I nommed them a lot. Not the best diet, but I'll start making up for that today/ tomorrow. I know I *should* eat the healthy stuff every day. I know that I *could* buy a whole bunch of yummy tasty food for the price of a bag of chips.

I just don't *wanna*.

Meanwhile, I've been cruising foodgawker and came across a shiny new blog to chase. All because of some tasty looking palak paneer. Not *really* a budget recipe, but you can almost definitely swap out the paneer for firm silken tofu (the stuff in the aseptic pack, like those pomi tomatoes) without *too* much change in flavor. Just salt it first, eh?

Now, back to napping and serenit-... er, work. Yeah, that's it. Work.

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