Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 353- Plans, Food, and Bafftime

I've got a plan. No man or can, tho, so no strange processed food concoctions. When (if?) my renewed passport ever makes it back from the snowed in north, I'm off to work, nom, and travel in Mexico. There will be many tacos de papas, oodles of frijoles, and probably even some veggies. I'll still put food with recipes and (guestimated) prices for cooking them up here, but will probably move most of my blogging to a shiny new blog.

I like shiny new stuff, I can't help it.

Food yesterday was fun. I magic'd up some open face sandwiches. 5 of them. They were on french bread, though, so it's not as much as it sounds like. I also made "chicken" burritos. The same stuff went in both (mostly) and I could probably eat some variation on this stuff every day.

So the sandwiches were:
  • sliced, toasted french bread
  • sliced tomato
  • sliced avocado
  • sliced (vegan) feta
  • lime juice
  • salt and pepper
They're more filling with hummus, but I couldn't find it (at the healthy food store...) so no hummus. I *was* going to put some onion on it too, but kept forgetting. It happens.

For the burritos, I used all that stuff (well, swap tortillas for bread...) and some roasted gardein 7 grain (vegan) chicken tenders. They taste (to me, who hasn't had chicken in.. um... 8? 7? years) like chicken tenders, but meat-eaters around me say they smell funny. It happens. So I baked the tenders (half the package, like 5) and sliced them and piled them into the tortillas, then tossed all the other stuff on top. Not super filling, but I didn't get dinner until after the symphony (don't ask...) and couldn't be bothered to make something bigger. Super tasty, though. Of course, that might just have been the avocado....

Now, Bafftime...

Bear the dog likes to get baths. A couple days ago I was in and out of Mom's house, and had to put Bear back in "lock-up"(he stays behind a baby gate in the bedroom area of Mom's place), and when I told him to go he hopped in the tub. He does it randomly. He also does it for bathtime.

He is *the* bath-lovin'est dog. So today was bath day at Mom's house. Bear jumped into the tub and sat down. He'd really *really* like it if Mom would fill the tub, give him bubbles, and let him play with tub toys, but I guess dog-spoiling only goes so far, even here. Instead he stands (or sits) while he gets sprayed down by the hand held shower head. He drinks the (warm) water that dribbles out of the faucet. He wags his tail, tilts his head, lolls his tongue, and smiles at everyone. In the bathtub. While being washed.

Well, he likes it right up until the bit where you try to wash his behind, or his tail. Or his head. Other than that, though, yes, please. He licked some of the soap off (she uses baby soap), and just kinda gooffed off with only one or two half-hearted escape attempts (his ears got wet). When it's all done, he gets dried off, and shakes. And shakes. And shakes.

The shake starts at his head (gotta make sure the ears get dry, and they take extra flopping...), inches into his body, and eventually works its way down to his butt and tail. After the rest of him has stopped shaking.

It's kinda like watching an earthquake. Nose, shoulders, torso, then as the head stops flopping the butt gets going- twice as fast and twice as long- before finishing at the tail. He probably shook 8 or 10 times, same way every time. Ears, body, butt, tail.

Then he escaped, rolled on his dog bed, and now smells like clean/dirty wet dog. Can't smell really clean, ya know- the bird hunting would go even more worse-er. Which would be bad, since he can't get close enough to do more than bark at them anyway.

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