Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Horchata Fail

I don't know if it was the horchata itself that was fail, or just that it isn't the drink for me.

Now, I'm all about the jamaica, and I'll drink tamarindo all day long. If I'm ever forced to drink horchata again, tho, I might just puke.

It's not the flavor, though the bottle I had was kinda very too sweet. It's not the color, though that was also kinda odd.

It's one of those things that's all about the texture. Like drinking half-set pudding through a straw. I wasn't expecting that. I mean, sure, it's got coconut milk in it, and that's thick. It's also got rice milk in it, which is watery and grainy. I figured the watery-ness would thin out the coconut milk a bit. Instead I ended up with thick, slimy, gritty milky stuff.

But the burrito I had with it was good. And the quesadillas I had later that night at a little family run place (6 pesos each) with my ice cold glass bottle of pepsi. A friend munched his way through 4 really stuffed tacos (7 pesos each) and all the toppings he could pile on them.

Oh, and I remembered what the nopales tasted like. The way they were served, they tasted kinda like salty, canned french cut string beans. Without the weird string bean texture. Total win, I tell you.

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