Monday, June 27, 2011

The Day of the Junk Food

Once or twice a week I'll go and pick up a small bag of chips or a chocolate bar to round out my "all soup, all the time" diet here in Guatemala. Yesterday, though, my soup of choice wasn't available, and the one they did have was, well, it looked like ground up frogs (broccoli, pleh).

Now, normally I have nothing against broccoli, if it's cooked right. This wasn't, though, the texture was weird on the inside of my mouth, and I couldn't eat it all. So rather than risk repeating the same problem today, I decided to have an all junk food day. Instead of 15Q it cost me 20Q (would have been 19, but the wife of the guy who normally runs the shop likes to over-charge me... prices change every single time).

So what do I have? It's not vegan, that's for sure. I've got 2 little snack sized bags of cheetos, one snack bag of queso ruffles (they call them "lay's max" down here), and a tiny "full sized" bag of nacho cheese doritos. I'd rather have a big bag of something else (like ravioli, yum) but I'm working with what I've got here.

Oh, yeah, and some soda to wash it all down. I've got a photo, I'll add it in later, now it's work time.

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