Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 26- no more cheating

Running a little late today. I have an interview, so I actually slept last night. (crazy, right?). Anyway, Made another batch of stir fry, and cooked 6cups of rice (3 scoops dry) in my shiny $13 red rice cooker. Yum.


So, stir fry. It was yummy. I had two "plates" this size. I think that at least makes up for not eating much the last few days.

After my interview, I have everything I need to make about 5 dozen pot stickers. Bought the wrappers yesterday ($1.51 w/tax @H&L). So that's my plan for later.


  1. Looks great! Yum. I have a small 6.00 rice cooker I got at Walgreens on sale. Works great and just right for one person! I love it.

    How are you keeping track of costs? I've been collecting simple recipes to save money myself. Making my bread, cooking batches of beans and soups.

  2. I'm keeping track of costs (outside of cheating- oops) by taking out half the money at a time. I spent a bunch up front, and now all I should need (after I get the 50lb bag of flour I'm planning) is fresh veggies. In august I'll take out the other $182.50 and refill. I have about $80 left for fresh veggies between now and then. Every 5 weeks I just pull out another $20.