Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 42- Fail-O-Matic

For a number so full of win, yesterday's food was just about pure fail.

Started off good, pan fried tofu chunks with red onion, sweet red curry, and garlic. This was yum. Would have been even better with something like hash browns, or even a salad.

Thought about making pizza, but by the time the roommates were up I had lost that motivation. Thought about soup, too, since it's really just a rinse, chop, dump job, but it was in the high 70's, and after two+ years in Wyoming and about another 2 years in New Zealand, 70 wipes me out. So I laid on my bed, filling out job applications, loafing, sweating, and panting like a dog in mid summer.

I suspect this southern summer thing is going to take some acclimating. Oh well, if I can keep a house at 60 and wear summer clothes at 20F, I can do anything.

So around 4 I was bad, went to the grocery store, and came back with a bag of chips and some vegan sour cream substitute. Which turned out to be pre-flavored sour cream substitute. Which proceeded to make my entire abdomen very unhappy. I don't know if it's something in the normal recipe, or if there was just too much bell pepper, or even if there's mushroom in there somewhere that I don't know about.

But it was unpleasant, and I think might have broken me of my junk food thing for a little while. TMI?

Meanwhile, I feel like the ultimate cheater. Who is spending money she doesn't have for food she doesn't really want or need. I swear, if my next cheat isn't for chocolate, I'm gonna have to smack myself. This chip thing is just silly.


  1. Hi j.
    I am enjoying your blog.

    I thought of a couple of things. You are getting millions of suggestions, I know! But for me reading the comments are part of the interest too.

    Gardening- I read you don't have an answer as of yet on garden space. I have a similar problem even though I live in a house. I want to garden organically but really can't due to neighbors using pesticides and being terrified of their runoff in my veggies.

    So- inspired by the Topsy Turvey infomercials, I set out to find a cheaper way to do garden upside down and hanging. There are instructions on the internet on how to do this for dirt cheap. I got huge pickle buckets for free from restaurants (just called and asked). Some people used empty milk cartons or soda bottles.
    The space for hanging is minimal.

    Coupons- there are a ton of people out there who coupon like it is an Olympic sport. The girls here in Cincinnati that do it write about it on a forum. They were writing about the craziest things they do for coupons. One girl goes trolling on Sunday nights and garbage days to check out recycle bins for coupon inserts. Others check the trash bin by the self check outs.

    A more sanitary option is usually single guys get the Sunday paper for the sports section but throw out the coupons- know any single guys who get the paper?

  2. I'll look into hanging gardens. I'd really rather grow in the ground, though- cost of dirt is prohibitive. unfortunately, all the people *I* know in town are either family or friends of my sister's. And none of her guy friends are really the "reading" type. Not even Sunday sports.