Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 44- not much, and some beer

finished off the sad remains of the pizza from before- crust ends and a bit of doughy saucy pizza. Still full most of the morning from over eating the night before. Ate a tangerine/ tangelo/ whatever for lunch. Just sucked the juice out.

Wasn't drinking at sunday night karaoke, didn't have to pay for soda. Then sister/ sister's friend spilled beer in my eye, and I figured as long as my eye stung and I smelled like a brewery anyway, I might as well have a drink.

Sister asked me what I wanted, not thinking obviously. Offered next best thing- hot boy and pocket change. Hot boy wasn't bad, but would still rather have 85 million dollars than some pocket change.

Cheated with order of late night fries. Feel gross now, all greasy and like I've no idea what I ate. Gross indeed.


  1. Not that it will make you feel any better, but I completely busted my diet/budget this weekend because of beer and delicious yet gross black olive pizza that was so greasy I got sick, *sigh*.

  2. Don't get too stuck on having cheated (we ALL do—wherever food is concerned). It's all about getting back on the right path and not getting discouraged. And not cheating again in the near future.

    You should definitely pull your budget up again, so that maybe you will be more discouraged to cheat, and remind yourself what you have, and what you have left.

    I really liked your last post with the estimated price per meal. You could even use that to your advantage (i.e., that side of fries was close to two meal's worth, and you didn't even like it much!).

    Still, you did have your splurge money, which should cover for the ‘oopsie’ choices. Make sure you are also rewarding yourself as you move along, so you don’t feel deprived (and more inclined to cheat).

    Glad to see you eating your fruit. Keep it up!

  3. okay, i gotta ask......

    How exactly does someone spill beer in your EYE?

  4. @Shana- cheating is so easy, but it feels so bad, after. All ick and unhealthy.

    @TJ- I actually spent gas money on it. Not good. We were playing guess the calorie count, because one of my friends is on a calorie restricted diet. The fries were maybe one meal worth of calories, but cost much more than that. Oh well. All I can do is work on it.

    @Maureen- Same way they spill anything else in your eye- on accident. I was sitting, she was standing next to me. A friend of hers came up, they did a jumping hug thing, and the beer splashed out of the bottle onto me- in my eye, down my clothes. good thing I was wearing glasses- contacts would have been a much bigger mess.

    I spent the whole drive home- four hours later- Hoping I didn't get pulled over. Eyes red from getting beer in them, then washing them out, reeking of booze. If I'd managed to dilate my pupils too, I'd have been all kinds of arrested.