Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 46- Gravity Defying Oatmeal

Living with roommates always has its quirks. One I'm running into now is that mine are *less motivated* than I am to clean. Anything. So dishes pile up in the sink, there's coffee all over the counter, and I need to re-wash my clothes, because they've been sitting in the washer waiting for them to empty the drier for close to a day.

The dishes thing is the real problem today. I actually wash my (1) plate and (1) bowl after I use them. I accept that once I wander off to do something else, I am *never* coming back. I also wash whatever else I used (wok excepted, it gets rinsed). So fork, knife, spoon, cutting board, mixing bowl, whatever, through the sink and into the dish drain.

Unfortunately, they seem to disappear from there and never make it to their little homes. I'm not totally sure where the flatware is, but I know where it isn't- in the drawer where it goes. So I found the one (1) clean non-knife, non serving utensil- a fork- and made oatmeal, with the goal of being able to eat it with that fork. Three minutes in the microwave and I had oatmeal that would stay on the fork in any position I tried. Magic.

For lunch/ dinner I cooked a pound of pintos and had them with some onion, garlic, lime juice and a couple taco sized flour tortillas I bought (I know, I know). I have a recipe for them, but wanted store bought ones so I have some kinda back up if I'm hungry, need something to hold food, and don't feel like making fresh tortillas. The rest of the batch of beans is waiting in the fridge for other meals.

I did get to publix, by the way. I wasn't paying enough attention while i was checking out, though, and missed the guy charging me sweet onion price for yellow onions. Normally i'd be amused but not really care, but sweet onions are $1.99/lb, and yellow are on special for 89 cents a pound, so there's a bit of a difference. luckily it's all made up by a coupon I found while buying flour.

publix stacks coupons onto their deals. The Gold Medal flour is running on special right now for $1.49/ 5lb bag. About half the bags have (had?) 55 cent off coupons on them. I could only find one coupon, but I know they used to be there. So I got one five pound bag for $0.94, and three others for $1.49 each. Not bad- I now have 10lbs of higher protein, unbleached bread flour and 10lbs of normal unbleached flour. I would have gotten all bread flour, but there were only the two bags left. That plus canola oil for $1.95 ( A little higher, but not bad), and very expensive tortillas (20 soft taco sized for $2.49) finished me off. $10.61 including tax. should be less, but without more coupons, and because I wasn't paying attention, I'll just have to eat the mistake.

but Yay! better quality flour! The stuff I've been using (and now need to finish up) tastes ashy. I don't know if it's the dusty bits that are ground too fine and not really made of wheat, or what.


  1. Do you ever cut up your tortillas, brush with a little oil, sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar and bake to make chips? Quick & yummy!

  2. Buy white or yellow corn meal and you can have dozens of different meals, totillas to grits to breads/muffine, maybe not everyone's favorites BUT they are easy to make. You can use a crock pot for several meals, such as taco casserole or cooking the beans, cooks slowly and doesn't cause the kitchen to heat up. Also why not make up bean burritos with either corn or flour tortillas and store extras in the freezer or in the frig, they are quick to make and easy to store, but be sure to dip the tortillas in a chili sauce before filling, they taste so much better.
    When I get to the point that I need to go buy groceries, I do not like to shop, I make a thorough search through all I have left and we usually have Chicken Something, you would just substitute for the chicken. My family loves it and it is never boring. I raised 4 kids on that special and now my children make it for their families, I just have 2 things I always have included, chicken and onions, sometimes browned in just cooking spray. It sort of reminds us of stone soup by using everything in the pantry.
    When you talk about gardening, why not just get a plastic tub like one that goes under the bed and make that your herb and greens garden. It is so easy to do inside, the seeds are cheap, and you can reseed when you use up the plants. They grow quickly and also add to your fiber intake.

  3. @Cyndee- i haven't, but when I make my own, I'll try it. I made pita chips once, those were good.

    @Paige- I have corn meal, but can't *stand* corn tortillas. Something about the texture drives me nuts. I use it to make polenta (or would if we ever had a clean pot I didn't have to scrub myself before *and* after using it). The texture of the polenta, when I cook it long enough, anyway, is more palatable, dunno why. I admit to being a picky eater.

    I haven't just made a plastic tub herb garden because plastic tubs cost money, as does dirt to fill them, and I'm kinda trying to avoid spending money until I have some coming in. We keep the house dark, to keep down cooling costs and allow daytime sleep, so growing inside presents problems as well.

    i'm starting to think it might just be worth it to make a garden and risk eating the deposit. it's not like the yard could look any worse.

  4. thanks for your blog, i have a ridiculously boring job so i like to read it all the time!

    i've been a vegetarian for about 13 years and am kind of an almost-except-i-really-really-love-cheese vegan these days, so its fun to see all the stuff you concoct! especially the tofu. i still have no idea what to do with tofu!!! this blog is helping me with my tofu problems. O and im from california so i like to see all the random stores you go to that i've never heard of, because im moving to PA this's like an education!
    anywho, keep it up. i look forward to going to work and reading some more about your food combinations :)

  5. Weird. That happened to me the other day. I wasn't paying attention and wound up being charged more than double for my sweet potatoes when the guy rang them up as russets. I don't know why I wasn't paying attention or how someone was able to mistake a sweet potato for a regular potato, but I just had to eat the mistake.

  6. I was told about your blog from a co-worker of mine. She knew that I was a college student and she shared your story about eating a dollar a day, living through hard times. I was wondering if you have stop your dollar a day thing. You haven't posted in over a month.

  7. I am sorry, when I booked marked your page, I must have done it wrong. I did find the recent blogs. I am sorry.

  8. no problem. Look at all the stuff you have to catch up on!