Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 65- I Begin To Realize That Recipes Can Be Good

I made pancakes for "breakfast". Well, and lunch, too.

It was going ok- flour, sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, baking powder and soda, water, you know, just going ok. Then I cooked them.

so, with a couple hours to think on it, I've got a pretty good idea (now) on where I went wrong. The main problem is that I wasn't thinking, or concentrating, or focusing. So I left out salt.

Yeah, I was surprised too.

Then, I guess I forgot to put some oil in the batter, rather than just the pan.

I had never had *rubbery* pancakes before... they were gross. I ate them anyway. I begin to think that I need someone with an ingredient list following me around, checking off stuff as I add it, and whacking me in the head when I leave something out accidentally.

Seriously, they could have been used as temporary drain plugs. It was foul.

Then to round out the day, I bought fries I couldn't afford using (literally this time) my gas money. Damn you, chilly weather and short sleeves! It's supposed to be warm here now! Enough with the chilly crap!

So yeah, spectacular "recipe" fail. It was Epic.

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I find myself eating my failed cooking experiments, when if anyone else were around, I'd toss them or feed them to the birds or a dog or something...


  1. I made a lemon meringue pie a few months ago. It was gorgeous, and after I ate it I remembered that I hate lemon meringue... Mom said it was great and my boyfriend did, too. But eh, it was disgusting. I ate four slices of it, anyway. *shrugs*
    Some things make absolutely no sense.

  2. More than once - the hubby has been marveled at the food I will eat in the name of pride.

  3. mom reminded me today (while she was loading me down with "extra" veggies...) of the time I grabbed shortbread frozen pie crust, and we made a quiche in it.

    sweet crust, savoury quiche... not good, very not good.

  4. My vegan pancake recipe substitutes a mashed banana for butter or oil. makes them healthier and banana tasting. they're awesome.

  5. I don't know that i'd consider something that tastes like bananas to be awesome. Awful, maybe- but I'm told I'm unfairly biased against them. Now abbasauce, I'm all for that... But really, is the oil in pancakes gonna kill me? I consider it my fair trade for giving up dairy milk bars.

  6. I make bean dishes all the time, because of the cheapness, and I alllways don't add enough or too many spices, or don't cook them enough, or don't wash them... and then my gag reflex is so bad they go to the compost pile. bleh. at least I'm experimenting with cheapy beans, I guess?