Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 102- Challenge Linky Goodness and a Ton of Sugar

Challenge first!

Reporting in First, with a baba ghanouj stuffed calzone, was Kim! Extra sparkly points for speed. She said
Well, I've never made babaganouj before, or roasted an eggplant in the oven, so that is kind of new.<...> It came out great - I used 50/50 flour for the first time (half wheat half white) and it was perfectly chewy. I baked a whole eggplant, one onion quartered, a bunch of garlic cloves, and some cherry tomatoes on a baking sheet at 300 in the oven, taking the smaller stuff out as they were finished. The eggplant took the longest, a little over an hour, and I finished it at 350. Then I pureed the whole mush, rolled out my dough, and pretty much made on giant calzone. It baked for 20 at 350 and was perfect.
After that it gets a little fuzzy, so

  • Alyse at Trying To Be A Locavore made burger buns and mayo.
  • JL at The Last Sixteen did *two* challenges. She made an awesome squash risotto that looks great but came in a bit over budget. Then on Monday she made black bean burgers and "chicken" nuggets, which didn't go over so well at the table, though they look pretty tasty to me.
  • Ruby Leigh over at Five Dollar Day made bread from scratch- in a real live loaf pan. For 54 cents, it's even more amazing. And by now, probably all gone.
  • Quoxzical made my fried tofu (I think)
  • TJ made tortillas using a recipe at Deals To Meals, then turned them into quesadillas (which google doesn't recognize as a word). Described/ priced in the comments here.
  • Cyndee tried making chocolate syrup, which seems like it'd be pure WIN, but alas, it was not to be. But that's ok, 'cause the Hershey's stuff isn't bad. More details in yesterday's comments.
  • Nancy F. emailed me her results from making veggie burgers, which I put up on Monday.
  • Allie at Yum In Tum Made super tasty looking chocolate apple butter that I want to inhale through the monitor. At only about 50 cents per 4oz portion- a small jelly jar worth- this is a pretty good deal.
  • My mom- who hasn't actually posted here because she has her cookies turned off and can't, made stuffed 8-ball zucchini for dinner last night. She'd never tried the round zukes before, so she gets points for that one. She did make stuffed zucchini once before, but The Dog Who's Name You Do Not Speak (not Bear) ate it before they could. She was making "pie crust making" sounds before I left, but I don't know if that happened or not.
  • I made tortillas, same recipe as TJ, I think.
Did I miss anyone? I didn't mean to if I did, just let me know and I'll edit you in.

Results? A bunch of people tried new stuff. It wasn't as tough (mostly) as they thought it'd be, and it wasn't a huge kitchen exploding mess. Sure, some things took a while, but most challenges sound like they went pretty well- even if the food didn't turn out quite right. Well enough, anyway, that I'll put out a new challenge around the middle of June. And I'll give more warning next time, too.


I finished off the tortillas- one filled with the leftover fried squash and onions from the night before for breakfast, and four (4) fried in Earth Balance (margarine) and sprinkled in cinnamon sugar for dinner. I'm still bouncing.

No cheating yesterday (I don't think, anyway... no... nope) but I did come home from visiting mom with a mug and some tea bags I'd left at her house almost 5 years ago. It wasn't crawling, so it must still be good.

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