Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 105- I Hate the Heat

Not the sports team, I doubt I could care less about them. The stuff outside the house. Big burning ball of ouch in the sky and all that.

Between the heat, the humidity, and the mold/ mildew that seems to have taken over South Carolina, I am not feeling too hot. Allergies (to mold, mildew, and just about everything else) make me cough, snuffle and sneeze. Humidity tosses me into a gasping sea of "breathe slow, there's air here somewhere" and "WTF did I do with that inhaler". Heat just plain knocks me out.

So here I am, snotty, sore ribbed, with an unhappy back (breathing's tough work, I guess), benadryled up and sweaty. I had chips and soda today. I met my sister (and her bf) out for latenight, and he bought me a snack, so I ate that too. I shouldn't have, my intestines are not happy.

But yeah, Less motivated than usual, feel like crap. Taking some allergy meds, some vit. I, and a hit off my inhaler, and going back to sleep.

Hopefully better eating tomorrow.


  1. But just think, on the days you don't eat, you save a dollar! So maybe you can spend it on some good fake cheese or even chocolate for a day when you feel better. Take's hot here too.

  2. It is amazingly hot here in NY today. I tried to walk for a while and was only able to go about 2 miles before I had to give up. I was dizzy and unable to keep walking. I swear I am going to move to Svalbard if this heat keeps up like this!

  3. Svalbard's looking a little far north for me. Helsinki, though, could be do-able. highs in the 60's and 70's this week, and it's far enough north that it's only "dark" a couple hours a night right now.

    Cyndee- or maybe a nice cold avocado. Om nom nom?

    At least I'm feeling a bit better. I could totally sleep another 12 hours, though.

    Forking humidity.