Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 86- Some More Groceries

I took this month's money. I went shopping. I went a bit overboard. I have about three weeks until I "get" my next 20, and I've got 4.89 or so left until then.

But until then, I've got tofu, 5 lbs of somen noodles, a new bottle of soy sauce, a cabbage (.39/lb), some onions, and a couple new heads of garlic. So now I have fast, easy food. Oh, and about 6 pounds of tofu.

I also threw out about 5 pounds of furry and/ or slimy veggies. Yay food waste? Gotta work on that. So the only things I'm probably going to *need* between now and the beginning of June (other than 85 million dollars and a sexy car) are some sweet potatoes, maybe a couple zucchini, and either fresh carrots or a tomato.

So yesterday I cooked up my first bundle of noodles. In the wok I fried up half a (tiny) white onion, two cloves of garlic, and a couple cabbage leaves. Mixed the noodles with the veggies and nommed it. Other than washing the pots first, took the same amount of time to cook the veggies too as it would have to do the noodles alone, 'cause they cook while the water boils and the noodles cook. Magic.

So now I have "fast" food for, oh, about three months, I hope. I'm also planning to make ravioli this time. I like ravioli, and once they're made and frozen they're super fast. So two types of speedy food. We'll see, I'm sure, if this helps me keep weight on, and keeps me from "cheating" too.

I also added up my receipts. With yesterday's mad food-buying spree I'm at about $135 total spent. I have $45 or so left to spend between now and the second week in August. Not bad.


  1. I have a constant problem with food waste. So far the best solution I've found is to plan specific meals, only shop for those meals, prepare them right away and then just freeze the bulk. Usually that translates into more frequent, smaller shopping trips so that I don't have a load of perishable veggies sitting around, waiting for me to come up with a reason to use them.

    It's good for time management, too. I do a lot of cooking in one day and then I don't have to do anything but defrost and reheat. And since I do more than one meal at a time, I don't have to eat the same exact thing every day.

  2. I admit to having been spoiled a bit, living in WY- the humidity is so low most of the year that I've only rarely seen things grow fur there. they usually auto-dehydrate.

    Getting it all done and in the freezer is good. I'll fight for space with the roommate's gamer-food, but it'll be worth it to have heat and eat stuff. Hopefully i can keep from eating the noodles 3 times a day until they're gone.

  3. .39/lb on cabbage - that's great!