Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 88- Kitchen-O-Doom

Made the same noodles as a couple days ago, only instead of fresh garlic and ginger powder I used garlic powder and no ginger. Had one of the oranges I got from mom a couple weeks ago, which re-enforced my deep and abiding hatred for raw (sweet) fruit. Ate the avocado with lime juice and onion. It was soft enough to smoosh into guac with just a spoon. Don't do that unless you have chips to eat it on- the texture is... odd to eat alone, 'specially when it's gone past ripe and is heading out the other side.

Which, added all together, really isn't enough to keep a gnat going. Wanted a calzone for a while, thought about making a lasagna, decided against both of them- I hate spending time in the kitchen when the roommates are awake. The only counter space is about 1.5 square feel between the coffee pot and the stove. Which is odd, because it's not a tiny kitchen, it's just set up oddly. It's a wide galley, with everything placed to create small accessible counter areas. There's lots of deep, tough to get to corner, but not a whole lot of work space. And some of that workspace is covered with big, in the way type stuff- like the dish drain, or the coffee maker. It's really just a badly designed kitchen.

Which makes sense, really, since it's probably about 40 years old. But I've seen sailboats with more usable workspace in the "kitchen".

So, yeah... Involved cooking works best when there's no one trying to get to the coffee pot. The only time no one's trying to get to the coffee pot is when I'm the only one awake. I need to find a time when my roommates are both asleep or at work, when I am not also either out or asleep, and cook then.

I don't think that time exists, but I can hope.


  1. I believe that time may only exist between the hours of 1 and 8 a.m.

  2. Nope, I live in a house of night people. more like between 11am and 3 in the afternoon. If I hadn't seen all three of us outside in daylight, I'd think I lived with a batch of vampires.