Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 91- Doggy BBQ

No, there were no barbecued canines, not that a couple didn't try. I went and visited my friendly city golden rescue for their annual pool party. I ate some chips and veggies, everyone else had burgers, sausage, mayo-filled salads, and doggie treats.

My brother (Bear the Dog) was his usual well-behaved self, climbing on lawn furniture, jumping on people, begging for people food, and ZOOMing around the yard. He was a dog. He's probably still asleep.

When I got home I made some more pan fried tofu (I have 4.5 pounds left, should be more than enough for bunches of ravioli, or calzone, or lasagna, or all three.... Ate the tofu, two benadryl, three ibuprofen, and fell asleep.

Allergies are still icky, so I'll be taking another benadryl and probably following that with a nap, but I had fun yesterday, and didn't even get sunburned. Next time, though, I'm remembering in time to bring something actually worth eating- people feel bad and act strange when you just munch chips.

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