Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 93- Carb-o-Rama!

Before we get started, an opening misbehaving Bear, right after hearing his daddy tell the story about Bear and the Big Toofy Monster!

Right, so on to the food.

For breakfast I mixed up the left-over flour/ spice/ yeast from the day before with another 1/3 Cup (hot) water, crumbled up tofu got turned into Tofu Ricotta (of sorts), then dusted an baked at about 450*F for 15 minutes or so. It could easily have enjoyed another 3-5 minutes.


Not pretty, but food.

For "lunch" I pulled out the Pasta Machine and mixed up a tasty batch of dough.

Ok, before I go any farther in this, I have to admit something. I am *terrible*. I use the same (like, identical) recipe to make pasta as I do to make super fake "egg roll" wrappers, wonton wrappers, or the super lazy sheets of dough I use to make kinda sorta chimichangas.

The only thing I ever do to make it different, is sometimes I'll swap out 1/2C of flour for cornstarch. Srsly.

So onward. I pulled out the Pasta Machine (too much?) and rolled about 1/5 of a 3C batch of Pasta dough (3C flour, 1C water, mix, kneed, roll). Rolled it all the way down to about a 7, then used a tablespoon (the measuring type) to glob nice tidy piles of tofu ricotta on 1/2 of the dough. Wet down the middle, and between the "cheese", and along the edges, then sealed them shut, in about that order.

Oh, and you really gotta squeeze all the air out if possible. Sealed, cut, etc. had some pasta left over that got cut into... well, into noodles, but that gets eaten later. The Ravioli got boiled (carefully) in salted water in the wok (multi-purpose toy) until it was done - maybe 5 minutes.


Would have been better with fried onions or red sauce. Or rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried, then dipped in red sauce. oh well.

So the left over noodles.. Those got boiled and tossed in the fridge until it was time for dinner (around 1am and after watching Go, so I am no more responsible for it than I would be if I'd been drunk. Really)

Sliced and fried an entire (freakishly small) white onion in oil with some salt. Opened, drained, and rinsed a can of chick peas.Dumped chick peas over onions. added last of the lime juice, some red curry powder, the "leftover" pasta (rinsed under hot water to separate it a bit), and catsup. Yes, really.


Luckily I used the sweet curry rather than the hot one. I won't be feeding this to guests any time soon, though. But eatable.

The rest of the (not yet rolled) pasta dough is living, tightly wrapped in my official "dough bag" in the fridge, until I figure out what else to do with it. Probably make more ravioli. Misshapen but tasty.

Oh, and one more naughty Bear (in native "wet" state) to make up for strange/ gross photos. He's not allowed on furniture. Oops.


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