Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 95- Kinda Down

Between dodging calls from creditors, looking for work, and allergy season-o-doom (+1), my motivation to do *anything* is just about gone.

That includes cooking and eating, which is not good. I admit to being not the most motivated person ever born. I'm not so bad at motivating others, for some strange reason. It's like I've dropped into the movie The Muse, only *I* don't get paid for it.

So this morning I'm thinking about a challenge, both for you out there and me in here. I have a couple of ideas, and whether I play by myself or you guys play too I can tell you there won't be any reward except maybe knowing you (or I) tried something new.

In more directly food related news, when I say I'm not motivated, and kinda down, what I really mean is I ate a half a pound of "popcorn" tofu yesterday. And nothing else. I did figure out how to get more of the breading to stick through frying, though... I think. I had a bunch of flour left in my magic breading bag, so I splashed a couple teaspoons of water over the breaded tofu in the bag, and shook the bag again. Magically there was a nice thick coating that actually stayed on more than half the pieces.

Also I've found my latest food lust. Vegan Happy Hour made (vegan) mozzarella sticks. When (if?) I can afford splurgy luxury food again I am soooo all over that.

So, anyone interested in playing challenge with me?


  1. OK, I'm in, but I'm easily bored. What exactly are we gonna do?

  2. I'd be willing to try. But would like a bit more info. :) Could be fun.

    Though I am not in control of the household's budget or food choices, I can see what I can do (if the challenge includes foods).

  3. It *is* a food challenge, I'm going to think about it some more today, and I'll let you know about it tomorrow. I got the idea from Ruby Leigh and JL, though.

    TJ- It should be something even college kids in dorms will be able to help out with- I think- so as long as you're allowed in the kitchen/ pantry, you should be good.

  4. I'm in too. I would say my only caveat is no red meat, but you already have that covered!

  5. Aww, but I really wanted a steak challenge!

    This is gonna be *fun*