Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 110- Doggie Sitting Food

I am watching my extra-furry, zooming half-brother again this weekend. Mom (partly) pays me in food. I tried to talk her into some tasty vegan "meatballs", but they didn't have them at the store she went to, so instead I have wonton wraps and tofu.

And pretty much free reign of her fridge. Om nom nom.

I brought flour, yeast, garlic, a yellow squish, my bag of TVP, ground ginger, and wheat gluten with me. Oh, and the biljak doggie bribe.

So it won't be *all* her food, but close enough.

Yesterday I made it into town and picked up some veggies- yellow squash (local) for 89 cents a pound, 3 heads of garlic for $2.29 a pound (I think), and a two pound bag of yellow onions for $1.49. I spent about $3.50 total, so I'm good for a little while. They had local green beans and pole beans for .99/lb, but I decided against them- they go off too fast. Also, SC peaches, but they're super ripe and I wasn't sure what to do with them. I almost gave in to the call of the wild mango, but resisted, and didn't get more potatoes, either. All the ones I've bought lately just seem to grow like mad, so I wasn't going to spend a couple dollars on something that's going to be half waste by the time I get to it anyway.

Food yesterday was super lazy- left over pancake bits for breakfast (with lots of "butter"), some cantalope before dinner, and black bean/ rice soft tacos with tomato, lettuce, black olives, and salsa for dinner. Ate at moms, so no, the cantalope didn't just appear.

Ok, off to exhaust the dog so I can get some "work" done today.

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