Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 113- More Tacos

I made another batch of tacos, bribing the dog with slices of squish. He's strangely fond of that weird veggie food I eat.

Anyway, I ate the tacos (mostly) finishing the bag of crumbles and a large squish, and a small onion. And then, exhausted by chasing the dog (and being chased *by* the dog), when mom and sd got back, I wandered home and sleeped. All night long. So really nothing interesting yesterday.

In happy news, I'm back on my good computer with cheap (and seriously crappy) keyboard and mouse. if only I could connect the touch pad and keyboard from my laptop to the desktop monster, life would be pretty sweet indeed. Oh well, that's what I get for updating cheaply.

Naughty wet Bear, to make up for no food pics.
naughty Bear-in-Chair


  1. Bear is so cute; he should have his own blog.

  2. The thought of Bear with a blog terrifies me, some how... He already wants to be more like his hero, Dug the Dog (from UP).

    But he *is* cute.