Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 119- Bi Lo and Non-Cheating Junk Food

First, I never did get to the noodles yesterday. That'll teach me to log into WoW before eating... I got 3 levels, though.

When I finally emerged from my WoW induced coma, the roommate was cooking something in the pot. Have I mentioned that we have 1(one) pot? We have two woks and a frying pan, a rice cooker and a crock pot (or two) also, but none of those really works for noodles.

So I decided to go to the store. RM forgot to grind some coffee he bought last time he went shopping, so asked if I could go to BiLo and grind it for him. I don't usually go to BiLo, but I thought, hey, why not. It's a store, they should have something I need.

Zomg they're expensive! I was going to get veggies, but they were all about twice Publix (very high) prices. I had a small jar of generic pasta sauce in my hand, and almost got it, but then there was nothing else interesting, so I put it back. I wasn't paying $1.69 or something for mangoes (which I really want) when I can get them at Publix for $1 each, or down at the vegetable bin for something like 89 cents.

I did learn that BiLo is the place to go for corn meal- they have an 8 foot section of it in the baking aisle (more space than they give to *normal* flour), and about 20 feet of "hispanic" food- the good, import stuff, not just old el paso.

So I went to Publix, when I picked up a can of tomato paste (59 cents), a roma tomato (16 cents), and a bag of chips, buy one, get one ($2). So I'm going to count it all. Even the chips of questionable healthyness. Total spend- $2.81 (6 cents tax). I've got about $14 left until... July 3rd, I think it is.... Or maybe the 10th.

Also- I'm starting to think about the next challenge. I want to pick up a couple things before I announce it and make up an example. Look for something Wednesday.

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