Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 131- Official (and Unofficial) Cheat Day

Used my official cheat to get a Chocolove Dark Ginger Bar(but I only got 1, not 12). My self control went downhill from there.

While I was at the Asian grocery store (sweet, beautiful AC) picking up a can of coconut milk (13.9 oz for $0.89) I also grabbed a bottle (1L) of the magic Mexican Coke with the real sugar. I love that stuff, but I didn't have a can opener (need to fix that...), so it had to wait until I got home.

Then, when I went to pick up a (huge) mango at Publix for 67 cents (just under a pound- sweet deal, right?) I also picked up soda ($1/ 2l bottle) and a bag of chips. So just an off the wagon kinda day. Soda doesn't count (thought now I'm wired *and* falling asleep every 20 seconds), but the chips and soda do.

So that's what I ate. Most of a Chocolove bar ($2.99+ tax), a big bottle of cane sugar coke, and a bag of chips.

The coconut milk and mango, btw, are for my $1 challenge due Wednesday. If it turns out it's going to be pretty damned sweet. What I'm making for tomorrow... It's kinda weird, and I expect it to fail beautifully.

Speaking of beautiful fail, Kim e-mailed me earlier this week about her challenge, and the adventure she had making her "make it cheaper" meal. I'll be posting it around noon, East Coast time (that's about 17:00 GMT, for people in other parts of the world)

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