Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 132- Shopping for Challenge

So I only went shopping for one challenge, and haven't made either of them yet. One I haven't started because I'm waiting for the mango to ripen (and if I run out of mango before I run out of rice and stuff, smaller ripe ones are on sale at save-a-lot, 2/$1.

The other I haven't made yet because it's hot out and I've been in pretty hard-core job applying mode.

Also, I think it might not be quite within the requirements. I don't know that I'd serve my "make it cheaper" meal to guests. Maybe if we were running out the door, or something. also, it'd be better with fresh steam-fried broccoli (yes, still dreaming of broccoli. Just about the only veggie *not* on sale at Publix this week).

For the $1/ lb challenge-thing I've gone a bit over in my buying. spent $3.65 at save-a-lot yesterday (black beans are only available in 2lb bags), plus 67 cents for the mango, 89 cents for the coconut milk, and about three cents for tax. Hmmm... wonder what I'm making....

As for what I've been eating... Well, it's been hot. Bad excuse. I've been lazy.

I finished off the chocolate bar (and ZOMG was it ever good), did some job applying, then went to pick up some TP. About 5 hours after I finished the chocolate bar. And I came home with a bag of chips. Stupid chips.

Now, if I count the chips (both bags) toward my total, I'll have about $1 or so (need to re-do my math again, lost track a bit) to last until either the end of this coming week, or until the end of the one after that. The only thing I'm really likely to need (other than broccoli, om nom nom) is an onion (maybe) and another mango or two. 'Cause when I finally do make this challenge food, it'll be enough for probably 8 meals each. Om nom nom indeed.

So, count cheating in total this time or not? I can afford it. Sorta. I think.

Oh, other things I bought for the meal? Carrots and cabbage. Lost yet? I'm making it up as I go along.

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