Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 138- Tomatoes and the New Plan

mom and SD managed to get something nasty in their computer. It was a fast, easy fix, but still I got something out of it. Well, other than fun time with my mom and Bear.

I got tomatoes. A slice of one so good I thought I could die happy right there, a grape tomato wrapped in a fresh basil leaf, spicy and yum. And about 3 or 4 pounds of other tomatoes that will probably be gone by the end of Saturday.

Officially I had two burgers with mango stuff, and a good serving of the coleslaw (better after soaking for a while, but still too sweet). Unofficially I also had most of a bag of chips. Oh, chips, why do you tempt me so... Oh, and most of a bottle of soda and a benadryl- dratted bug bites/ rash all over my arms, bug bites all up my legs. Back on the all garlic all the time diet too, I guess.

Which brings me to

My New Plan

Now, don't worry, this isn't some kinda "j. starts eating bacon and goes on atkins with unlimited funds" plan. Nope, this is much, much better.

See, Livestrong says I need somewhere between 1960 and 2300 calories a day just to maintain my current weight. The lower number is if I'm as light as I fear and almost totally inactive, the upper one if I'm closer to what I ideally should weigh and probably about my real level of activity. So I probably need about 2200 calories a day to not lose weight or otherwise fork my metabolism.

There is no way in any colored (or level of likelihood) afterlife I'm getting that many.

So at great risk to my budget (and pancreas), I've got a new plan to combat the whole "not enough" problem. I'm calling it "dessert after every meal" and hope it will take care of (most) of my calorie deficiency without needing chips (at around 1500 calories a bag).

I think dessert is something I can follow through on at least 1/4 of the time, which is much much better than I'm doing with the whole "3 meals every day" thing. And first up on that list is, of course, affordable mango "sticky" rice, at about 8 billion calories per serving.

So that's the plan- first increase the calories (I'm starting to look a bit too much like a Hollywood starlet, all bones and angles) then, when I get some results with that, increase the healthiness. Oh, and strength training of some sort, but not enough to need more food. Scrawny and strong I can deal with, scrawny and weak is just not cool.

So, anyone else got a diet plan they need to follow? Anyone else going to jump on the "dessert after every meal" bandwagon? Too bad kids don't get to vote, I'm pretty sure I'd get elected on a dessert for everyone platform...


  1. 4 pounds of tomatoes - make sauce!!

    As for diet, nope. No food allergies, and since most of the time what I enjoy eating is lean protein, fresh veggies, whole grains, and nothing sugary I can pretty much eat whatever I please and my weight only ever fluctuates 5 lbs in either direction. Both good and bad, since it is nice to not really gain weight, but I can't seem to lose it, either. And about 8 fewer pounds would be really nice.

  2. Yum, tomatoes. You can do sooo much with them. Make sure to save some to make salsa or sauce later on.

    Diet plans... eating at least 3 meals a day. Which is counter-intuitive since I am trying to lose weight, but my metabolism has to start working before it does any work at all. I wont be jumping on the dessert bandwagon, but I can settle for sweet snacks or snacks in between (attempted meals).

    I completely am with you, Kim. It is good and bad, but bad when you are trying to lose weight. :/

  3. I'm going to make a fresh sauce with the little toms. I'm not sure about the rest. Maybe pizza, maybe more sauce. I need to think about it. I was supposed to grab some fresh basil from the garden before I left, but I oopsed and forgot.

    I'm not really fond of sweet stuff myself, but I figure that most deserts are going to come in at about 200 calories a serving, so two or three a day is like eating a whole extra meal. And I have to eat *something else* first to get to it. I think I'm going to have to change something at the halfway point. Even my mother (a natural size 0/2 who never weighs enough to give blood) thinks I'm starting to look scrawny.

    I always figured that the spots I stay at, weight wise, and it doesn't matter how much I eat or don't eat, are natural spots my body is happy to be at. Maybe not where *I* want it, but not that bad, overall.

  4. Hmmm. I don't think I get enough calories a day either, but I'm trying to lose about 15-20 pounds, and I know that's not the way to do it... so no dessert for me! lol

    Either way I'll be interested to follow your new plan :) Vicariously having dessert after every meal! Good luck avoiding crisps :)

    (Have you ever tried making chips at home? Lotsa calories on the cheap perhaps?)

  5. Guess I'm alone on the sweets quest, then. I tried making chips/ crisps at home once, but deep frying is more expensive than buying, and baked just don't have that fatty goodness that appeals to me.

    Now home made oven fries, I'm all over those- with sweet chili sauce? om nom nom.

  6. I generally crave salty over sweet, but lately for 'dessert', I've been making banana 'ice cream'. Bananas get really creamy when you freeze them, so I cut one up into small pieces, and then when it is frozen, blend it with some peanut butter and nutella. YUM.

  7. ... I'll leave the bananas to you. I think the tomatoes alone are going to get me more new winged biting friends. I can see where bagels with almond butter and something like nutella would be yum, though.

    I'm with you on the salty thing, though.